Workshops and Conferences

Current workshop/conferences

August 28 - 30, 2018Multi-Boson Interactions (MBI) 2018Aaron Pierce (LCTP), Jianming Qian (ATLAS), James Wells (LCTP),
Bing Zhou (ATLAS),
Junjie Zhu (ATLAS)
October 15 - 19, 2018 Modeling Dark Energy Observations in the Nonlinear RegimeDragan Huterer (LCTP), Yuanyuan Zhang (Fermilab)
 April 1 - 3, 2019 LCTP Spring Symposium on Neutrino PhysicsJames Wells (LCTP), Alex Friedland (SLAC), Joshua Spitz (Michigan), Sam Zeller (Fermilab), Bibhushan Shakya (UCSC)
 March 30, 2019 PIMKIO 7 Andrew Long, Aaron Pierce

Past Workshops and Conferences