Fiscal Year 2013

April 15-18, 2013Light Dark Matter: Asymmetric, Thermal and Non-Thermal Dark Matter and its Detection WorkshopAaron Pierce (University of Michigan)
Gordon Kane (University of Michigan)
Katherine Freese (University of Michigan)
Kathryn Zurek (University of Michigan)
October 20-21, 2012Non-Equilibrium and String Theory WorkshopLeo Pando Zayas (University of Michigan)
R. Leigh (University of Illinois)
D. Minic (Virginia Tech)
D. Vaman (University of Virginia)
September 17-21, 2012
The Huron River flows through Ann Arbor
RG Flows, Entanglement, and Holography WorkshopHenriette Elvang (University of Michigan)
Matt Headrick (Brandeis University)
Jim Liu (
University of Michigan)
August 29-31, 2012
2nd ICM Theory and Computation WorkshopGus Evrard (University of Michigan)
Mateusz Ruszkowsk
i (University of Michigan