Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title
MCTP-15-01A.A. Petrov, S. Pokorski, J.D. Wells, Z. ZhangThe role of low energy observables in precision Higgs analysis
MCTP-15-02Timothy Cohen, John Kearney, Markus A. LutyNatural Supersymmetry without Light Higgsinos
MCTP-15-03Alejandro Lopez, Christopher Savage, Douglas Spolyar and Douglas Q. AdamsFermi/LAT observations of Dwarf Galaxies highly constrain a Dark Matter Interpretation of Excess Positrons seen in AMS-02, HEAT, and PAMELA
MCTP-15-04A. Ibarra, A. Pierce, N. R. Shah and S.VoglAnatomy of Coannihilation with a Scalar Top Partner
MCTP-15-05Katherine Freese, Tanja Rindler-Daller, Douglas Spolyar, Monica ValluriDark Stars: A Review
MCTP-15-06Arash Arabi Ardehali, James T. Liu, Phillip SzepietowskiHigh-temperature expansion of supersymmetric partition functions
MCTP-15-07Sebastian A.R. Ellis, Gordon L. KaneLepton Flavour Violation via the Kahler Potential in Compactified M-Theory
MCTP-15-08Daniel Arean, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Ignacio Salazar Landea and Antonello ScardicchioThe Holographic Disorder-Driven Superconductor-Insulator Transition
MCTP-15-09August E Evrard, Christopher Erdmann, Jane Holmquist, James Damon, Diane DietrichPersistant, Global Identity for Scientists via ORCID
MCTP-15-10Cynthia Keeler, Gino Knodel, James T. Liu and Kai SunUniversal features of Lifshitz Green's functions from holography
MCTP-15-11Sebastian A. R. Ellis and Bob ZhengReaching for Squarks and Gauginos at a 100 TeV p-p Collider
MCTP-15-12Henriette Elvang and Marios HadjiantonisExact results for corner contributions to the entanglement entropy and Renyi entropies of free bosons and fermions in 3d
MCTP-15-13Samuel B. Roland, Bibhushan Shakya, James D. WellsPeV Neutrinos and a 3.5 keV X-Ray Line from a PeV Scale Supersymmetric Neutrino Sector
MCTP-15-14James D. Wells, Zhengkang ZhangStatus and prospects of precision analyses with $e^+e^-\to W^+W^-$
MCTP-15-15Marcela Carena, Howard E. Haber, Ian Low,Nausheen R. Shah, and Carlos E. M. WagnerNaturalness and a SM-like Higgs boson in the NMSSM
MCTP-15-16C. S. Lam and Y.-P. YaoModified CHY Formulas for (Off-Shell) Green's Functions of Four and Five Particles
MCTP-15-17Katherine Freese, Alejandro López, Nausheen R. Shah, Bibhushan ShakyaMSSM A-funnel and the Galactic Center Excess: Prospects for the LHC and Direct Detection Experiments
MCTP-15-18Nouman Muteeb, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Fernando QuevedoDualities in Vector Models and the Large N Limit
MCTP-15-19Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Vincent G.  J. Rodgers and Catherine A. WhitingSupergravity Souitons with AdS_4 from Abelian and Non-Abelian T-Dualities
MCTP-15-20Yuhsin Tsai, Lian-Tao Wang, Yue ZhaoDark Matter Annihilation Decay at The LHC
MCTP-15-21Xi Dong, Daniel Z. Freedman, Yue ZhaoAdS/CFT and the Little Hierarchy Problem
MCTP-15-22Sebastian de Haro, Daniel R. Mayerson, Jeremy ButterfiConceptual Aspects of Gauge/Gravity Duality
MCTP-15-23James T. Liu and Weishun ZhongA Holographic c-Theorem for Schrodinger Spacetimes
MCTP-15-24James D. Wells and Zhengkang ZhangEffective theories of universal theories
MCTP-15-25Tanja Rindler-Daller, Bohua Li, Paul R. Shapiro, Marek Lewicki, James D. WellsHow scalar-field dark matter may conspire to facilitate baryogenesis at the electroweak scale
MCTP-15-26 Martin B Einhorn and D R Timothy JonesInduced Gravity I: Real Scalar Field
MCTP-15-27 Arash Arabi ArdehaliHigh-temperature asymptotics of supersymmetric partition functions
MCTP-15-28Yonit Hochberg, Matt Pyle, Yue Zhao, Kathryn M. Zurek Detecting Superlight Dark Matter with Fermi-Degenerate Materials
MCTP-15-29 Bibhushan Shakya Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from Freeze-In: A Review
MCTP-15-30 James D. Wells and Zhengkang Zhang Renormalization group evolution of the universal theories EFT
MCTP-15-31 Gino Knodel, Pedro Lisbao, James T. LiuRigid Supersymmetric Backgrounds of 3-dimensional Newton-Cartan Supergravity
MCTP-15-32Iosif Bena, Daniel R. Mayerson, Andrea Puhm, Bert VercnockeTunneling into Microstate Geometries: Quantum Effects Stop Gravitational Collapse
MCTP-15-33John Ellis, Sebastian A. R. Ellis, Jeremie Quevillon, Veronica Sanz, Tevong YouOn the Interpretation of a Possible ∼ 750 GeV Particle Decaying into γγ

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