Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title
MCTP-16-01Marek Lewicki, Tanja Rindler-Daller, James D. WellsEnabling Electroweak Baryogenesis through Dark Matter
MCTP-16-02John Kearney, Nicholas Orlofsky, Aaron PierceHigh-Scale Axions without Isocurvature from Inflationary Dynamics
MCTP-16-03Alberto Faraggi, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Guillermo A. Silva and Diego TrancanelliPrecision Holography with Supersymmetric Wilson Loops
MCTP-16-04Martin B Einhorn and D R Timothy JonesInduced Gravity II: Grand Unification
MCTP-16-05Yuhsin Tsai, Lian-Tao Wang, Yue ZhaoFaking The Diphoton Excess by Displaced Dark Photon Decays
MCTP-16-06Henriette Elvang and Marios HadjiantonisA Practical Approach to the Hamilton-Jacobi Formulation of Holographic Renormalization
MCTP-16-07Youngshin Kim and James T. LiuHolographic Lifshitz fermions and exponentially suppressed spectral weight
MCTP-16-08Sebastian A. R. Ellis, Jeremie Quevillon, Tevong You and Zhengkang ZhangMixed Heavy-Light Matching in the Universal One-Loop Effective Action
MCTP-16-09Sebastian A. R. Ellis and Aaron PierceImpact of Future Lepton Flavor Violation Measurements in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
MCTP-16-10Bobby S. Acharya, Sebastian A. R. Ellis, Gordon L. Kane, Brent D. Nelson and Malcolm J. PerryThe lightest visible-sector supersymmetric particle is likely to be unstable
MCTP-16-11Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Norma QuirozLeft-Right Entanglement Entropy of Dp Branes
MCTP-16-12Nikolay Bobev, Henriette Elvang, Uri Kol, Timothy Olson, and Silviu S. PufuHolography for N=1^* on S^4
MCTP-16-13Daniel Areán, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Leonardo Patiño and Mario VillasanteVelocity Statistics in Holographic Fluids: Magnetized Quark-Gluon Plasma and Superfluid Flow
MCTP-16-14Wolfgang Mueck, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Vimal RatheeSpectra of Certain Holographic ABJM Wilson Loops in Higher Rank Representations
MCTP-16-15William E. East, John Kearney, Bibhushan Shakya, Hojin Yoo, and Kathryn M. ZurekSpacetime Dynamics of a Higgs Vacuum Instability During Inflation
MCTP-16-16Aaron Pierce, Yue ZhaoNaturalness from a Composite Top?
MCTP-16-17Robert W. Brown, Stephen G. NaculichBCJ relations from a new symmetry of gauge-theory amplitudes
MCTP-16-18Robert W. Brown, Stephen G. NaculichColor-factor symmetry and BCJ relations for QCD amplitudes
MCTP-16-19Jonathan Cookmeyer, James T. Liu and Leopoldo A. Pando ZayasHigher Rank ABJM Wilson Loops from Matrix Models
MCTP-16-20James D. WellsThe theoretical physics ecosystem behind the discovery of the Higgs boson
MCTP-16-21James T. Liu and Wenli ZhaoOne-loop supergravity on AdS_4 x S^7/Z_k and comparison with ABJM theory
MCTP-16-22Samuel B. Roland and Bibhushan ShakyaCosmological Imprints of Frozen-In Light Sterile Neutrinos
MCTP-16-23Zhengkang Zhang Covariant diagrams for one-loop matching
MCTP-16-24Zhengkang Zhang On the interpretation of triple gauge coupling measurements in W pair production
MCTP-16-25Aaron Pierce and Bibhushan ShakyaImplications of a Stop Sector Signal at the LHC
MCTP-16-26Bibhushan Shakya and James D. WellsSterile Neutrino Dark Matter with Supersymmetry
MCTP-16-27John Kearney, Nicholas Orlofsky, Aaron PierceZ boson mediated dark matter beyond the effective theory
MCTP-16-28Henriette Elvang, Callum R. T. Jones, and Stephen G. NaculichSoft Photon and Graviton Theorems in Effective Field Theory
MCTP-16-29Andrea Amoretti, Daniel Arean, Riccardo Argurio, Daniele Musso and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas A holographic perspective on phonons and pseudo-phonons
MCTP-16-30Bohua Li, Paul R. Shapiro, Tanja Rindler-DallerBose-Einstein-condensed scalar field dark matter and the gravitational wave background from inflation: new cosmological constraints and its detectability by LIGO
MCTP-16-31Joshua Foster and James T. LiuSpatial Anisotropy in Nonrelativistic Holography
MCTP-16-32Sebastian Baum, Luca Visinelli, Katherine Freese, Patrick StengelA tale of dark matter capture, sub-dominant WIMPs, and neutrino observatories
MCTP-16-33Nicholas Orlofsky, Aaron Pierce, James D. WellsInflationary theory and pulsar timing investigations of primordial black holes and gravitational waves
MCTP-16-34Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Dimitrios Tsimpis and Catherine Whiting A Supersymmetric IIB Solution from Massive AdS_4

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