Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title
MCTP-14-01Moira Gresham
Kathryn M. Zurek
On the Effect of Nuclear Response Functions in Dark Matter Direct Detection
MCTP-14-02Yue Zhao
Kathryn M. Zurek
Indirect Detection Signals for the Origin of the Dark Matter Asymmetry
MCTP-14-03Michele Papucci
Kazuki Sakurai
Andreas Weiler
Lisa Zeune
Fastlim: a fast LHC limit calculator for supersymmetric models
MCTP-14-04Arya Farahi
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Gravitational Collapse, Chaos in CFT Correlators and the Information Paradox
MCTP-14-05 Michele Papucci
Alessandro Vichi
Kathryn Zurek 
Monojet versus rest of the world I: t-channel Models 
MCTP-14-06 James Halverson
Nicholas Orlofsky
Aaron Pierce 
Vectorlike Leptons as the Tip of the Dark Matter Iceberg 
MCTP-14-07 Asher Berlin
Dan Hooper
Samuel D. McDermott
Simplified Dark Matter Models for the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
MCTP-14-08Sean TulinNew weakly-coupled forces hidden in low-energy QCD
MCTP-14-09Cynthia Keeler
Gino Knodel
James T. Liu 
Hidden horizons in non-relativistic AdS/CFT
MCTP-14-10 Anson Hook
John Kearney
Bibhushan Shakya
Kathryn M. Zurek 
Probable or Improbable Universe? Correlating Electroweak Vacuum Instability with the Scale of Inflation 
MCTP-14-11Aaron Pierce
Zhengkang Zhang
Hidden Dipole Dark Matter
MCTP-14-12  Asher Berlin
Pierre Gratia
Dan Hooper
Sam McDermott   
Hidden Sector Dark Matter Models for the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
MCTP-14-13Leopoldo  A. Pando Zayas    A Quantum Rosetta Stone for the Information Paradox
MCTP-14-14Arash Arabiardehali
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
On Exactly Marginal Deformations Dual to B-Field Moduli of IIB Theory on SE_5
MCTP-14-15Sebestian Ellis 
Gordon Kane
Theoretical Prediction and Impact of Fundamental Electic Dipole Moments
MCTP-14-16  D. Arean
A. Farahi
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
I. Salazar Lande
A. Scardicchio
Holographic p-wave superconductor with Disorder
MCTP-14-17Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
N. Quiroz
Entanglement Entropy of boundary States
MCTP-14-18    W. Kinney
Katherine Freese
Negative running prevents eternal inflation
MCTP-14-19A. K. Drukier
C. Cantor
M. Chonofsky
G. M. Church
R. L. Fagaly
K. Freese
A. Lopez
T. Sano
C. Savage
W. P. Wong
New class of biological detectors for WIMPs
MCTP-14-20A. Lopez
A. Drukier
K. Freese
C. Kurdak
G. Tarle
New Dark Matter Detector using Nanoscale Explosives
MCTP-14-21K. Freese
W. Kinney
Natural Inflation: consistency with Cosmic Microwave Background Observations of Planck and BICEP2
MCTP-14-22C. Cheung
M. Papucci
D. Sanford
N. R. Shah
K. M. Zurek
NMSSM Interpretation of the Galactic Center Excess
MCTP-14-23Arash Arabi Ardehali
James T. Liu
Phillip Szepietowski
c-a from the N=1 superconformal index
MCTP-14-24   James Wells
Zhengkang Zhang
Precision electroweak analysis after the Higgs discovery
MCTP-14-25T. Rindler- Daller
M.H. Montgomery
K. Freese
D. E. Winget
B. Paxton
Dark Stars: Improved models and first pulsation results
MCTP-14-26Sebastian S.R. Ellis
Gordon L. Kane
Bob Zheng
Superpartners at LHC and Future Colliders: Predictions from Constrained Compacted M-Theory
MCTP-14-27Bohua Li
Tanja Rindler-Daller
Paul R. Shapiro
Cosmological constraints on Bose-Einstein-condensed scalar field dark matter 
MCTP-14-28 Niall Mcpherson, Carlos Nunez, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Vincent G. J. Rodgers and Catherine A. Whiting Type IIB Supergravity Solutions with AdS_5 From Abelian and Non-Abelian T-Dualities
MCTP-14-29Tomas Andrade, Cynthia Keeler, Alex Peach, Simon F. RossSchrodinger Holography for z<2
MCTP-14-30Alberto Faraggi, James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Guojun ZhangExact One-loop Agreement of Higher Rank Wilson Loops in AdS/CFT
MCTP-14-31Malcolm PerryWhat is an electron?
MCTP-14-32Gordon Kane, Malcolm PerryWhat is a quark? 
MCTP-14-33 Tanja Rindler-Daller,
Paul R. Shapiro
Complex Scalar Field Dark Matter on Galactic Scales 
MCTP-14-34Cyrus Faroughy, Siddharth Prabhu, Bob Zheng Simultaneous B and L Violation: New Signatures from RPV-SUSY 
MCTP-14-35Archana Anandakrishnan, Bibhushan Shakya, and Kuver Sinha Dark Matter at the Pseudoscalar Higgs Resonance in the pMSSM and SUSY GUTs 
MCTP-14-36 Henriette Elvang,
Yu-tin Huang, Cynthia Keeler, Thomas Lam, Timothy M. Olson, Samuel B. Roland, David E Speyer
Grassmannians for scattering amplitudes in 4d N=4 SYM and 3d ABJM
MCTP-14-37Marcela Carena, Howard E. Haber, Ian Low, Nausheen R. Shah and Carlos E. M. WagnerComplementarity Between Non-Standard Higgs Searches and Precision Higgs Measurements in the MSSM
MCTP-14-38Martin B. Einhorn and D. R. Timothy JonesNaturalness and Dimensional Transmutation in Classically Scale-Invariant Gravity
MCTP-14-39Arash Arabi Ardehali, James T. Liu and Phillip SzepietowskiCentral charges from the N = 1 superconformal index
MCTP-14-40Timothy M. OlsonOrientations of BCFW Charts on the Grassmannian
MCTP-14-41Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Wenli ZhaoHomothety and Quasi Self Similarity in Asymptotically Flat and AdS Spacetimes
MCTP-14-42Bhaskar Dutta, Yu Gao, and Bibhushan ShakyaLight Higgsino Decays as a Probe of the NMSSM
MCTP-14-43Gino Knodel, James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando ZayasOn N=1 partition functions without R-symmetry
MCTP-14-44Samuel B. Roland, Bibhushan Shakya, James D. WellsNeutrino Masses and Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from the PeV Scale
MCTP-14-45 Martin B Einhorn and D R Timothy JonesThe Gauss-Bonnet Coupling Constant in Classically Scale-Invariant Gravity