Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title
MCTP-10-00P. Nath
B.D. Nelson
et al
w/ MCTP Contributions from
D. Feldman
G. Kane
K. Zurek 
The Hunt for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
MCTP-10-01 Timothy Cohen
Daniel J. Phalen
Aaron Pierce 
On the Correlation Between the Spin-Independent and Spin-Dependent Direct Detection of Dark Matter
MCTP-10-02J. Jottar
R. Leigh
D. Minic
L. A. Pando Zayas 
Aging and Holography
MCTP-10-03Daniel Feldman
Gordon Kane
Ran Lu
Brent D. Nelson
Dark Matter as a Guide Toward a Light Gluino at the LHC
MCTP-10-04 Daniel Feldman
Zuowei Liu
Pran Nath
Low Mass Neutralinos Dark Matter in the MSSM with constraints from $B_s\to \mu^+\mu^-$ and Higgs Search Limits
MCTP-10-05 David Garfinkle
Edward Glass 
Killing Tensors and Symmetries
MCTP-10-06A. Liam Fitzpatrick
Dan Hooper
Kathryn M. Zurek
Implications of CoGeNT and DAMA for Light WIMP Dark
MCTP-10-07Eric Kuflik
Aaron Pierce
Kathryn M. Zurek
Light WIMPs: Largest Detection Cross-Section in the MSSM
MCTP-10-08Minjoon Park
Scott Watson
Kathryn Zurek
A Unied Approach to Cosmic Acceleration
MCTP-10-09 Timothy Cohen
Eric Kuflik
Kathryn M. Zurek
Extracting the Dark Matter Mass from Single Stage Cascade Decays at the LHC
MCTP-10-10Henriette Elvang
Daniel Z. Freedman
Michael Kiermaier
A simple approach to counterterms in N=8 supergravity
MCTP-10-11Kenji Kadota
Katherine Freese
Paolo Gondolo
Positrons in Cosmic Rays from Dark Matter Annihilations for Uplifted Higgs Regions in MSSM
MCTP-10-12Kentaro Hanaki
Yutaka Ookouchi
Light Gauginos and Conformal Sequestering
MCTP-10-13Simon Catterall
Greg van Anders
First Results from Lattice Simulation of the PWMM
MCTP-10-14James T. Liu
Phillip Szepietowski
Zhichen Zhao
Consistent massive truncations of IIB supergravity on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds
MCTP-10-15Daniel Feldman
Zuowei Liu
Pran Nath
Gregory Peim 
Multicomponent Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Hidden Sector Extensions
MCTP-10-16Chang, S.
Liu, J.
Pierce, A.
Weiner, N.
Yavin, I. 
CoGeNT Interpretations
MCTP-10-17Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Cesar A. Terrero-Escalante
Chaos in the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence
MCTP-10-18Timothy Cohen
Daniel J. Phalen
Aaron Pierce
Kathryn M. Zurek 
Asymmetric Dark Matter from a GeV Hidden Sector
MCTP-10-19James T. Liu
C.N. Pope 
Inconsistency of Breathing Mode Extensions of Maximal Five-Dimensional Supergravity Embedding
MCTP-10-20Finn Larsen
Greg van Anders
Holographic Non-Fermi Liquids and the Luttinger Theorem
MCTP-10-21E. Caceres
M. Mahato
L. A. Pando Zayas
V.J.G. Rodgers
Toward NS5 Branes on the Resolved Cone over Y(p,q)
MCTP-10-22Bobby Samir Acharya
Gordon Kane
Eric Kuflik
String Moduli Phenomenology, Cosmological History, Supersymmetry Breaking, and Dark Matter
MCTP-10-23Lilia Anguelova
Finn Larsen
Ross O'Connell 
Heterotic Flux Attractors
MCTP-10-24Kenji Kadota
Joern Kersten
Liliana Velasco-Sevilla
Supersymmetric Musings on the Predictivity of Family Symmetries
MCTP-10-25Henriette Elvang
Michael Kiermaier
Stringy KLT relations, global symmetries, and E_7(7)-violation
MCTP-10-26Sunghoon Jung
James D. Wells
Low-scale warped extra dimension and its predilection for multiple top quarks
A. Liam Fitzpatrick
Kathryn M. Zurek
The DAMA-CoGeNT Puzzle and Velocity Dependent Cross-Sections
MCTP-10-28Jessie Shelton
Kathryn M. Zurek
MCTP-10-29Daniel Feldman
Gordon Kane
[in Perspectives on supersymmetry II (pub. April 2010)] A Wino-Like LSP World: Theoretical and Phenomenological Motivations
MCTP-10-30Pearl Sandick
Juerg Diemand
Katherine Freese
Douglas Spolyar
Black Holes in our Galactic Halo: Compatibility with FGST and PAMELA Data and Constraints on the First Stars
MCTP-10-31Cosmin Ilie
Katherine Freese
Douglas Spolyar
Dark Stars and Boosted Dark Matter Annihilation Rates
MCTP-10-32Katherine Freese
Eduardo Ruiz
Monica Valluri
Cosmin Ilie
Douglas Spolyar
Peter Bodenheimer
Supermassive Dark Stars: Detectable in JWST and HST
MCTP-10-33C. Savage
G. Gelmini
P. Gondolo
K. Freese
XENON10/100 dark matter constraints in comparison with CoGeNT and DAMA: examining the Leff dependence
MCTP-10-34K. Freese
C. Ilie
D. Spolyar
M. Valluri
P. Bodenheimer
Supermassive Dark Stars: Detectable in JWST
MCTP-10-35P. Sandick
D. Spolyar
M. Buckley
K. Freese
D. Hooper 
The Sensitivity of the IceCube Neutrino Detector to Dark Matter Annihilating in Dwarf Galaxies
MCTP-10-36S. Mandic
M. Buckley
K. Freese
D. Spolyar
H. Murayama
Cascade Events at IceCube+DeepCore as a Definitive Constraint on the Dark Matter Interpretation of the PAMELA and Fermi Anomalies.
MCTP-10-37C. Bambi
K. Freese
T. Harada
R. Takahashi
N. Yoshida 
Accretion process onto super-spinning objects
MCTP-10-38C. Bambi
K. Freese
R. Takahashi
Is the Carter-Israel conjecture correct?
MCTP-10-39E. N. GlassGravothermal Catastrophe, an Example (arXiv:1008.0448)
MCTP-10-40Niklas Beiwert
Henriette Elvang
Daniel Z. Freedman
Michael Kiermaier
Alejandro Morales
Stephan Stieberger
E7(7) constraints on counterterms in N=8 supergravity
MCTP-10-41L. Covi
M. Olechowski
S. Pokorski
K. Turzynski
J.D. Wells
Supersymmetric mass spectra for gravitino dark matter with a high reheating temperature
MCTP-10-42Eric Kuflik
Joseph Marsano
Comments on Flipped SU(5) (and F-theory)
MCTP-10-43Minjoon ParkQuantum Aspects of Massive Gravity
MCTP-10-44Adam Becker
Dragan Huterer
Kenji Kadota
Scale-Dependent Non-Gaussianity as a Generalization of the Local Model
MCTP-10-45James T. Liu
Phillip Szepietowski
Zhichen Zhao
Supersymmetric massive truncations of IIb supergravity on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds
MCTP-10-46Timothy Cohen
Henriette Elvang
Michael Kiermaier
On-shell Constructibility of Tree Amplitudes in General Field Theories
MCTP-10-47Ning Chen
Daniel Feldman
Zuowei Liu
Pran Nath
Gregory Peim
Higgsino dark matter model consistent with galactic cosmic ray data and possibility of discovery at LHC-7
MCTP-10-48Bobby Samir Acharya
Gordon Kane
Eric Kuflik
String Theories with Moduli Stabilization Imply Non-Thermal Cosmological History, and Particular Dark Matter
MCTP-10-49Ning Chen
Daniel Feldman
Zuowei Liu
Pran Nath
Gregory Peim
Low Mass Gluino within the Sparticle Landscape, Implications for Dark Matter, and Early Discovery Prospects at LHC-7
MCTP-10-50James T. Liu
Ruben Minasian
Computing 1/N^2 corrections in AdS/CFT
MCTP-10-51 Baris Altunkaynak
Lisa E. Everett
Ian-Woo Kim
Brent D. Nelson
Yongyan Rao
Landscape of Supersymmetric Particle Mass Hierarchies in Minimal Supergravity and Deflected Mirage Mediation Models
MCTP-10-52Samuel McDermott
Hai-Bo Yu
Kathryn M. Zurek 
Turning Off the Lights: How Dark is Dark Matter?
MCTP-10-53Minjoon ParkQuantum Aspects of Massive Gravity II: Non-Pauli-Fierz Theory
MCTP-10-54Benjamin Burrington
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Wilson Loop Correlator from Integrability in Global AdS
MCTP-10-55Ibrahima Bah
Alberto Faraggi
Juan I. Jottar
Robert G. Leigh
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Fermions and D=11 Supergravity On Squashed Sasaki-Einstein Manifolds
MCTP-10-56Henriette Elvang
Daniel Z. Freedman
Michael Kiermaier
SUSY Ward identities, Superamplitudes, and Counterterms(Invited review for a special issue of Journal of Physics A devoted to "Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories")
MCTP-10-57James T. Liu
Wafic Sabra
Zhichen Zhao
Holographic c-theorems and higher derivative gravity