Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title 
MCTP-06-01 Benjamin A. Burrington
James T. Liu
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas 
Heisenberg Algebras in Quiver Gauge Theories 
MCTP-06-02 Jason Kumar
James D. Wells
M-theory as an Effective Theory of Quantum Gravity 
MCTP-06-03 Benjamin A. Burrington
James T. Liu
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas 
Central Extensions of Finite Heisenberg Groups in Cascading Quiver Gauge Theories 
MCTP-06-04 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Norma Quiroz 
From Boundary States to Gravity Solutions in 2-D String Theory 
MCTP-06-05 Benjamin A. Burrington
James T. Liu
Manavendra N. Mahato
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas 
Finite Heisenberg Groups and Seiberg Dualities in Quiver Gauge Theories 
MCTP-06-06 Jason Kumar
James D. Wells 
Multi-Brane Recombination and Standard Model Flux Vacua
MCTP-06-07 Gordon L Kane
Piyush Kumar
Jing Shao 
From Inclusive Signatures to String Theory? 
MCTP-06-08 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Cesar A. Terrero-Escalante 
Black Holes with Varying Flux: A Numerical Approach 
MCTP-06-09 R. Akhoury
Y.-P. Yao 
Further Considerations of the Hydrogen-like Atom with Non-Commuting Coordinates 
MCTP-06-10 James T. Liu
Manavendra Mahato
Diana Vaman 
Mapping the G-structures and the supersymmetric vacua of N=4 d=5 supergravity
MCTP-06-11 Jason Kumar
James D. Wells 
Large Hadron Collider and International Linear Collider probes of hidden-sector gauge bosons 
MCTP-06-12 Bobby Acharya
Konstantin Bobkov
Gordon Kane
Piyush Kumar
Diana Vaman 
An M theory Solution to the Hierarchy Problem 
MCTP-06-13 Yanou Cui Adjoint Chiral Supermultiplets and Their Phenomenology  
MCTP-06-14 David E Morrissey
James D Wells
Holomorphic selection rules, the origin of the mu term, and thermal inflation 
MCTP-06-15 Joshua L. Davis
Finn Larsen
Ross O'Connell
Diana Vaman 
Integrable Deformations of $\hat c=1$ Strings in Flux Backgrounds 
MCTP-06-16 Chris Savage
Katherine Freese
Paolo Gondolo 
Annual Modulation of Dark Matter in the Presence of Streams 
MCTP-06-17 Brooks Thomas
Manuel Toharia 
Lepton Flavor Violation and Supersymmetric Dirac Leptogenesis 
MCTP-06-18 Alex Buchel
James T. Liu 
Gauged supergravity from type IIB string theory on Y^{p,q} manifolds 
MCTP-06-19James D. Wells Supersymmetry without Naturalness: Detection Prospects and Sensitivities 
MCTP-06-20 Aaron Pierce
Jesse Thaler
Lian-Tao Wang 
Disentangling Dimension Six Operators Through Di-Higgs Boson Production 
MCTP-06-21 Willie Merrell
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Diana Vaman 
Gauged (2,2) Sigma Models and Generalized Kaehler Geometry 
MCTP-06-22 Ram Brustein
Martin B. Einhorn
Amos Yarom 
Entanglement and Nonunitary Evolution
MCTP-06-23 Christopher Savage
Katherine Freese
William H. Kinney 
Natural Inflation: Status after WMAP 3-year Data 
MCTP-06-24 Katherine Freese
James T. Liu 
Chain inflation with four-form fluxes in the landscape 
MCTP-06-25 X. Liu
L. A. Pando Zayas
V. G. J. Rodgers
L. Rodriguez 
A Geometric Action for the Courant Bracket
MCTP-06-26 Hai LinInstantons, supersymmetric vacua, and emergent geometries  
MCTP-06-27E. Golowich
S. Pakvasa
A.A. Petrov 
New Physics Contributions to the Lifetime Difference in D0-anti-D0 Mixing 
MCTP-06-28 J. de Boer
P. de Medeiros
S. El-Showk
A. Sinkovics
Open G_2 Strings 
MCTP-06-29 Edward N. Glass Magnetovac Cylinder to Magnetovac Torus 
MCTP-06-30 Selcuk Bayin
E.N. Glass
J.P. Krisch 
Fractional Boundaries for Fluid Spheres 
MCTP-06-31 James T. Liu
Wafic Sabra 
All 1/2 BPS solutions of IIB supergravity with SO(4) x SO(4) isometry 
MCTP-06-32 Jason L. Evans
David E. Morrissey
James D. Wells 
Higgs Boson Exempt No-Scale Supersymmetry and its Collider and Cosmology Implications 
MCTP-06-33 Fred C. Adams
Gordon L. Kane
Malcolm J. Perry
Scott Watson 
Inflation without Inflaton(s) 
MCTP-06-34 Bobby Acharya
Konstantin Bobkov
Gordon Kane
Piyush Kumar 
Stabilizing the Hierarchy and Modui in M Theory 
MCTP-06-35 Daniel Phalen
Brooks Thomas
James D. Wells 
Model-Independent Description and Large Hadron Collider Implications of Suppressed Two-Photon Decay of a Light Higgs Boson 
MCTP-06-36 James D. Wells Weak-scale supersymmetry and the mu term
MCTP-06-37 Gordon L Kane
Piyush Kumar
David E Morrissey
Manuel Toharia 
Connecting (Supersymmetry) LHC Measurements with High Scale Theories 
MCTP-06-38 Adams, F. C.
Proszkow, E. M.
Fatuzzo, M.
Myers, P. C. 
Early Evolution of Stellar Groups and Clusters: Environmental Effects on Forming Planetary Systems 
MCTP-06-39 Adams, F. C.
Laughlin, G. 
Effects of Secular Interactions in Extrasolar Planetary Systems 
MCTP-06-40 Adams, F. C.
Laughlin, G 
Long Term Evolution of Close Planets Including the Effects of Secular Interactions
MCTP-06-41 Adams, F. C.
Laughlin, G 
Relativistic Effects in Extrasolar Planetary Systems 
MCTP-06-42 Adams, F. C.
Bloch, A. M.  
Baryonic Collapse Within Dark Matter Halos and the Formation of Gaseous Galactic Disk 
MCTP-06-43 Fatuzzo, M.
Adams, F. C.
Gauvin, R.
Proszkow, E. M. 
A Statistical Analysis of Earth-like Planetary Orbits in Binary Systems 
MCTP-06-44 Fatuzzo, M.
Adams, F. C.
Melia, F.
Enhanced Cosmic Ray Flux and Ionization for Star Formation in Molecular Clouds Interacting with Supernova Remnants 
MCTP-06-45 P. Kraus
F. Larsen 
Holographic Gravitational Anomalies 
MCTP-06-46 J. L. Davis
F. Larsen
R. O’Connell
D. Vaman 
Integrable Deformations of c(hat)=1 Strings in Flux Backgrounds
MCTP-06-47 J. P. Krisch Fractional Israel Layers 
MCTP-06-48 S. Bayin
E. N. Glass
J. P. Krisch 
Fractional Boundaries for Fluid Spheres 
MCTP-06-49 Eugene Golowich
Sandip Pakvasa,
Alexey Petrov 
New Physics contribkutions to the lifetime difference in D0-anti-D0 mixing 
MCTP-06-50 O'Hara, T.B.
Mohr, J.J.
Bialek J.J.
Evrard, A.E. 
Effects of Mergers and Core Structure on the Bulk Properties of Nearby Galaxy Clusters 
MCTP-06-51 Stanek, R.
Evrard, A.E.
Böhringer, H.
Schuecker, P.
Nord, B. 
The X-Ray Luminosity-Mass Relation for Local Clusters of Galaxies