Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title 
MCTP-04-01 Johannes Kerimo
James T. Liu
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Supersymmetry of the new N=(1,1) supergravity and Minkowski_4 x S^2 vacua 
MCTP-04-02 L. Anguelova
M. Rocek
S. Vandoren 
Quantum Corrections to the Universal Hypermultiplet and Superspace 
MCTP-04-03 G. Cacciapaglia
C. Csaki
C. Grojean
J. Terning 
Oblique corrections from Higgsless models in warped space 
MCTP-04-04 Akikazu Hashimoto
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas 
Correspondence Principle for Black Holes in Plane Waves
MCTP-04-05 M. Battaglia
D. Dominici
J.F. Gunion
J.D. Wells 
The invisible Higgs decay width in the ADD model at LHC 
MCTP-04-06 F. Larsen
R. McNees 
Holography, Diffeomorphisms, and Scaling Violations in the CMB 
MCTP-04-07 Joshua Davis
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Diana Vaman 
On Black Hole Thermodynamics in 2-d Type 0A 
MCTP-04-08 A. Batrachenko
W. Y. Wen 
Generalized Holonomy of Supergravities with 8 Real Supercharges 
MCTP-04-09 J. Kerimo
James T. Liu
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Supergravities with Minkowski x Sphere Vacua 
MCTP-04-10 Alexey A. Petrov Hunting for CP violation with untagged charm decays 
MCTP-04-11V. Frolov
D. Fursaev
D. Stojkovic 
Rotating black holes in brane worlds 
MCTP-04-12 T. Kobayashi
S. Raby
R.-J. Zhang 
Constructing 5d orbifold grand unified theories from heterotic strings 
MCTP-04-13 T. Kobayashi
S. Raby
R.-J. Zhang 
Three-generation Pati-Salam models from heterotic orbifold constructions 
MCTP-04-14 Chris Savage
Noriyuki Sugiyama
Katherine Freese 
Age of the Universe in the Cardassian Model 
MCTP-04-15 Yun Wang
Katherine Freese 
Probing Dark Energy using its Density instead of its Equation of State
MCTP-04-16 Yun Wang
Veselin Kostov
Katherine Freese
Joshua A. Frieman
Paolo Gondolo 
Probing the Evolution of the Dark Energy Density with Future Supernova Surveys 
MCTP-04-17 J. X. Lu
S. Roy 
Supergravity approach to Tachyon condensation on the brane-antibrane system 
MCTP-04-18 M. J. Duff Erice lectures on ``The status of local supersymmetry'' 
MCTP-04-19A. Pawl Discrete Gauge Symmetries, Baryon Number, and Large Extra Dimensions  

MCTP-04-20 V. Frolov
D. Fursaev
D. Stojkovic
Interaction of higher dimensional rotating black holes with branes 
MCTP-04-21 S. R. Das
J. L. Davis
F. Larsen
P. Mukhopadhyay 
Particle Production in Matrix Cosmology 
MCTP-04-23 Dejan Stojkovic
Katherine Freese 
A black hole solution to the cosmological monopole problem 
MCTP-04-24 Katherine Freese
William H. Kinney 
On Natural Inflation 
MCTP-04-25 Charles R. Doering
Nikola P. Petrov 
Low-wavenumber forcing and turbulent energy dissipation 
MCTP-04-26 Jason Kumar
Arvind Rajaraman 
Revisiting D-branes in $AdS_3 \times S^3$ 
MCTP-04-27 James T. Liu
W. A. Sabra
Mass in anti-de Sitter spaces
MCTP-04-28 Yukio Tomozawa Sources for Gravitational Fields and Cosmology 
MCTP-04-29 Yukio Tomozawa Coordinate Independence and a Physical Metric in Compact Form 
MCTP-04-30 Yi-Fei Chen and J. X. Lu Dynamical brane creation and/or annihilation via a background flux 
MCTP-04-31 Yi-Fei Chen and J. X. Lu Generating a dynamical M2 brane from super-gravitons in a pp-wave background 
MCTP-04-32 Haibin Wang and York-Peng Yao Momentum Representation of Coulomb Wave Functions and Level Shifts in Bottomonium due to Charm Effects 
MCTP-04-33 S. F. King, I.N.R. Peddie, G. G. Ross, L. Velasco-Sevilla and O. VivesKahler corrections to softly broken family symmetries 
MCTP-04-34 Benjamin A. Burrington, James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Diana Vaman Holographic Duals of Flavored N=1 Super Yang-Mills: Beyond the Probe Approximation 
MCTP-04-35 M. J. DuffMCTP Annual Report 2003-2004 
MCTP-04-36 Fabrizio Gabbiani, Andrei I. Onishchenko, and Alexey A. Petrov Spectator effects and lifetimes of heavy hadrons 
MCTP-04-37 C. Grojean, G. Servant, J. Wells First-Order Electroweak Phase Transition in the Standard Model with a Low Cutoff 
MCTP-04-38 Alex Buchel, James T. Liu and Andrei O. Starinets Coupling constant dependence of the shear viscosity in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory 
MCTP-04-39 M. J. Duff Benchmarks on the brane 
MCTP-04-40 F. Bigazzi
A.L. Cotrone
L. Martucci
L. A. Pando Zayas 
Wilson Loop, Regge Trajectory And Hadron Masses In A Yang-Mills Theory From Semiclassical Strings 
MCTP-04-41Gordon L.Kane
Malcolm J. Perry
Anna N. Zytkow 
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Tunneling in de Sitter Space 
MCTP-04-42 Gordon L. Kane
Haibin Wang
Lian-Tao Wang
Ting T. Wang 
High Scale Study of Possible b to \phi Ks CP Physics 
MCTP-04-43S.F. Kasun
A.E. Evrard 
Shapes and Alignments of Galaxy Cluster Halos 
MCTP-04-44 Nikola P. Petrov Dynamical Casimir effect in a periodically changing domain: A dynamical systems approach 
MCTP-04-45Joachim Janecke and Thomas W. O'Donnell Isospin inversion and p-n pairing in self-conjugate nuclei A=58 to 98 
MCTP-04-46 L. Anguelova
P.A. Grassi
P. Vanhove 
Covariant One-Loop Amplitudes in D=11 
MCTP-04-47Chris Savage
Katherine Freese
Paolo Gondolo 
Can WIMP Spin Dependent Couplings explain DAMA data, in light of Null Results from Other Experiments? 
MCTP-04-48 G. Cacciapaglia
C. Csaki
C. Grojean
J. Terning 
S-parameter, Unitarity and Third Generation Physics in Higgsless Models
MCTP-04-49 A. Batrachenko
James T. Liu
R. McNees
W.A. Sabra
W.Y. Wen 
Black hole mass and Hamilton-Jacobi counterterms 
MCTP-04-50 Dejan StojkovicEnergy flux through the horizon in the black hole-domain wall systems 
MCTP-04-51 J. X. Lu
S. Roy 
Static, non-SUSY $p$-branes in diverse dimensions 
MCTP-04-52 J. X. Lu
S. Roy 
Delocalized non-SUSY $p$-branes, tachyon condensation and tachyon matte 
MCTP-04-53 Nikola P. Petrov
Lu Lu
Charles R. Doering 
Variational bounds on the energy dissipation rate in body-forced shear flow 
MCTP-04-54 Jason Kumar
James Wells
Landscape Cartography: A Coarse Survey of Gauge Group Rank 
MCTP-04-55 Andrew Pawl The Timescale for Loss of Massive Vector Hair by a Black Hole and its Consequences for Proton Decay 
MCTP-04-56 M. Kruczenski
L. A. Pando Zayas
J. Sonnenschein
D. Vaman Regge 
Trajectories for Mesons in the Holographic Dual of Large-N_c QCD 
MCTP-04-57 A. Buchel
F.A. Chishtie
V. Elias
Katherine Freese
R.B. Mann
D.G.C. McKeon
T.G. Steele 
Radiative Corrections to the Inflaton Potential as an Explanation of Suppressed Large Scale Power in Density Perturbations and the Cosmic Microwave Background
MCTP-04-58 Paul de Medeiros Supergravity field equations from the superconnection 
MCTP-04-59 Amit Apte
Rafael de la Llave
Nikola P. Petrov 
Regularity of critical invariant circles of non-twist maps 
MCTP-04-60 E.N. Glass
J.P. Krisch 
Spinning Up Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes 
MCTP-04-61 James D. Wells PeV-Scale Supersymmetry 
MCTP-04-63 Gordon L. Kane
Piyush Kumar
Joseph D. Lykken
Ting T. Wang 
Some Phenomenology of Intersecting D-Brane Models 
MCTP-04-64 Paul de Medeiros
Sanjaye Ramgoolam 
Non-associative gauge theory and higher spin interactions 
MCTP-04-65 J. Davis
R. McNees 
Boundary Counterterms and the Thermodynamics of 2-D Black Holes 
MCTP-04-67James T. Liu
Diana Vaman
W.Y. Wen 
Bubbling 1/4 BPS solutions in type IIB and supergravity reductions on S^n x S^n
MCTP-04-68 Lilia Anguelova, Paul de Medeiros
Annamaria Sinkovics 
On topological F-theory 
MCTP-04-69 A. Batrachenko
James T. Liu
Oscar Varela
W.Y. Wen 
Higher Order Integrability in Generalized Holonomy 
MCTP-04-70 Benjamin A. Burrington
James T. Liu
W. A. Sabra 
AdS_5 Black Holes with Fermionic Hair
MCTP-04-71 Katherine Freese
Douglas Spolyar 
Chain Inflation: "Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble"
MCTP-04-72 James T. Liu
Diana Vaman 
Bubbling 1/2 BPS solutions of minimal six-dimensional supergravity 
MCTP-04-73 James D. Wells TASI Lecture Notes: Introduction to Precision Electroweak Analysis 
MCTP-04-74 Stephen P. Martin
Kazuhiro Tobe
James D. Wells 
Virtual effects of light gauginos and higgsinos: a precision electroweak analysis of split supersymmetry 
MCTP-04-75 C. Savage
K. Freese
P. Gondolo 
Can WIMP spin dependent couplings explain DAMA? 
MCTP-04-76 E. N. Glass
J. P. Krisch 
Spinning up Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes