Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title 
MCTP-03-01 James T. Liu
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Diana Vaman 
On Horizons and Plane Waves 
MCTP-03-02 A. C. T. Wu
Chen Ning Yang 
Evolution of the Concept of the Vector Potential in the Description of Fundamental Interactions 
MCTP-03-04 Brandon Murakami
James D. Wells 
Ancillary abelian symmetries and the superpartner spectrum of anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking 
MCTP-03-05 R. Akhoury
Y.-P. Yao 
Minimal length uncertainity relations and the hydrogen spectrum 
MCTP-03-06 Alex Buchel Compactifications of N=2^* flow 
MCTP-03-07 A. Buchel
J. Walcher 
The Tachyon does Matter 
MCTP-03-08 L.D. Paniak
R.J. Szabo 
Open Wilson Lines and Group Theory of Noncommutative Yang-Mills Theory in Two Dimensions 
MCTP-03-09 L.D. Paniak
R.J. Szabo 
Lectures on two-dimensional noncommutative gauge theory: Classical aspects 
MCTP-03-10 Steven Abel
Katherine Freese
Ian I. Kogan 
Hagedorn Inflation: Open Strings on Branes Can Drive Inflation 
MCTP-03-11 M.J. Duff
James T. Liu 
Hidden Spacetime Symmetries and Generalized Holonomy in M-theory 
MCTP-03-12 Juyong Park
Mark E.J. Newman 
The origin of degree correlations in the Internet and other networks 
MCTP-03-13Fabrizio Gabbiani
Andrei I. Onishchenko
Alexey A. Petrov 
$\Lambda_b$ lifetime puzzle in heavy quark expansion 
MCTP-03-14 J.P. Krisch
E.N. Glass 
A Spacetime in Toroidal Coordinates, J. Math. Phys. (to appear) 
MCTP-03-15 R. Akhoury
M. G. Sotiropoulos 
The Large x Factorization of the Longitudinal Structure Function 
MCTP-03-16 G.L. Kane
Brent D. Nelson
Lian-Tao Wang
Ting T. Wang 
Phenomenology and Theory of Possible Light Higgs Bosons 
MCTP-03-17 G. L. Kane
P. Ko
C. Kolda
J.-h. Park
H. Wang
L.-T. Wang 
$B_d --> phi K_S CP asymmetries as an important probe of supersymmetry 
MCTP-03-18 James T. Liu
W. A. Sabra
W. Y. Wen 
Consistent reductions of IIB*/M* theory and de Sitter supergravity 
MCTP-03-19 Alex Buchel
Johannes Walcher 
Comments on Supergravity description of S-branes 

MCTP-03-20 L.D. Paniak
R.J. Szabo 
Lectures on two-dimensional noncommutative gauge theory II: Quantization 
MCTP-03-21 T. H. van den Berg
C. R. Doering
D. Lohse
D. P. Lathrop 
Smooth and rough boundaries in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow 
MCTP-03-22 A. Alexakis
F. Petrelis
P. J. Morrison
C. R. Doering 
Bounds on dissipation in magnetodynamic Couette and Hartmann flows 
MCTP-03-23 J. Otero
L.A. Dontcheva
H. Johnston
R.A. Worthing
A. Kurganov
G. Petrova
C.R. Doering 
High Rayleigh number convection in a fluid saturated porous layer 
MCTP-03-24 Martin B. Einhorn
Finn Larsen 
Squeezed States in the de~Sitter Vacuum 
MCTP-03-25 Alex Buchel
James T. Liu 
Thermodynamics of the N=2* flow 
MCTP-03-26 Neil R. Constable
Finn Larsen 
Rolling Tachyons as Matrix Models
MCTP-03-27Alex Buchel
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas 
Hagedorn vs.~Hawking-Page transition in string theory 
MCTP-03-28Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Diana Vaman 
Hadronic Density of States from String Theory 
MCTP-03-29 R. Guven
James T. Liu
C.N. Pope
E. Sezgin
A la Recherche de l'Espace Perdu: Fine Tuning and Six-Dimensional Gauged N=(1,0) Supergravity Vacua 
MCTP-03-30 James D. Wells Implications of Supersymmetry Breaking with a Little Hierarchy between Gauginos and Scalarsars 
MCTP-03-31 M. J. Duff MCTP Annual Report 2002-2003 
MCTP-03-32 J. Janecke
T.W. O'Donnell
V.I. Goldanskii 
Symmetry and pairing energies of atomic nuclei  
MCTP-03-33 Matthew J. Lewis
Katherine Freese
The Phase of the Annual Modulation as a Tool for Determining the WIMP Mass
MCTP-03-34 Brent D. Nelson Experimental Signatures of Kahler Stabilization of the Dilaton
MCTP-03-35 Joel Giedt
Brent D. Nelson 
Instanton Effects and Linear-Chiral Duality 
MCTP-03-36 Pierre Binetruy
Andreas Birkedal-Hansen
Yann Mambrini
Brent D. Nelson 
Phenomenological Aspects of Heterotic Orbifold Models at One Loop 
MCTP-03-37 James T. Liu
W. A. Sabra 
Charged configurations in (A)dS spaces 
MCTP-03-38 I. Gogoladze
Y. Mimura
S. Nandi
K. Tobe 
Test of Gauge-Yukawa Unification 
MCTP-03-39 D.J.H.Chung
Lian-Tao Wang 
The Soft Supersymmetry-Breaking Lagrangian: Theory and Applications
MCTP-03-40Mar Bastero-Gil
Katherine Freese
Laura Mersini  
What can WMAP tell us about the very early universe? New physics as an explanation of suppressed large scale power and running spectral index 
MCTP-03-41 Katherine Freese
Paolo Gondolo
Heidi Jo Newberg 
Detectability of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles in the Sagittarius Dwarf Tidal Stream 
MCTP-03-42 G.L.Kane
Christopher Kolda
Jason Lennon 
B--> mu mu as a probe of tan(beta) at the tevatron and LHC 
MCTP-03-43 J. Kumar
A. Rajaraman 
Supergravity Solutions For AdS_3 x S^3 Branes 
MCTP-03-44 Kazuhiro Tobe
James D. Wells
Tsutomu Yanagida 
Neutrino-induced lepton flavor violation in gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking 
MCTP-03-45 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Jacob Sonnenschein
Diana Vaman 
Regge Trajectories Revisited in the Gauge/String Correspondence 
MCTP-03-46 A. Ghinculov
T. Hurth
G. Isidori
Y.-P. Yao 
New NNLL Results on the Decay B \to X_s l^+ l^- 
MCTP-03-47 Ioannis Giannakis
James T. Liu
Hai-cang Ren 
The Radion in the Karch-Randall Braneworld 
MCTP-03-48 Benjamin A. Burrington
James T. Liu 
Supersymmetry and the AdS Higgs Phenomenon 
MCTP-03-49 John F. Gunion
Manuel Toharia
James D. Wells 
Precision Electroweak Data and the mixed Radion-Higgs sector of Warped Extra Dimensions 
MCTP-03-50 Gordon L. Kane
Malcolm J. Perry
Anna N. Zytkow 
A Possible Mechanism for Generating a Small Positive Cosmological Constant 
MCTP-03-51 A. Pawl Decay of Affleck-Dine Condensates with Application to Q-balls 
MCTP-03-52 A. Pawl Q-ball Formation in Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis with Gravity-mediated SUSY Breaking 
MCTP-03-53 Alex Buchel
James T. Liu
Universality of the shear viscosity in supergravity 
MCTP-03-54 A. Ghinculov
T. Hurth
G. Isidori
Y.-P. Yao 
The Rare Decay of B \to X_s l^+l^- to NNLL Precision for Arbitrary Dilepton Mass 
MCTP-03-55 P. Binetruy
L.-T. Wang
From Incomplete Data to Incomplete Theory 
MCTP-03-56Kazuhiro Tobe
James Wells 
Gravity-assisted exact unification in minimal supersymmetric SU(5) and its gaugino spectrum 
MCTP-03-57 Z. Chacko
M. Graesser
C. Grojean
L. Pilo 
Massive Gravity on a Brane
MCTP-03-58A. Batrachenko
M.J. Duff
James T. Liu
W.Y. Wen 
Generalized holonomy of M-theory vacua 
MCTP-03-59 A. Falkowski
C. Grojean
S. Pokorski 
Loop Corrections in Higher Dimensions via Deconstruction 
MCTP-03-60 C. Csaki
C. Grojean
J. Hubisz
Y. Shirman
J. Terning 
Fermions on an Interval: Quark and Lepton Masses without a Higgs 
MCTP-03-61 Graham G. Ross
Liliana Velasco-Sevilla
Oscar Vives 
Spontaneous CP violation and Non-Abelian Family Symmetry in SUSY 
MCTP-03-62 G. Bertoldi
F. Bigazzi
A. Cotrone
C. Nunez
L. Pando Zayas 
On the Universality Class of Certain String Theory Hadrons
MCTP-03-63 Busha, M.T.
Adams, F.C.
Wechsler, R.H.
Evrard, A.E. 
Future Evolution of Cosmic Structure in an Accelerating Universe 
MCTP-03-64 Adams, F.C.
Busha, M.T.
Evrard, A.E.
Wechsler, R.H. 
The Asymptotic Structure of Space-Time 
MCTP-03-65 Mohr, J.J.
O'Shea, B.
Evrard, A.E.
Bialek, J.
Haiman, Z.
Studying Dark Energy with Galaxy Cluster Surveys