Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title 
MCTP-02-01 M. J. Duff M-theory on manifolds of $G_2$ holonomy: the first twenty years 
MCTP-02-02 Katherine Freese
Matt Lewis 
Cardassian Expansion: A Model in which the Universe is Flat, Matter Dominated, and Accelerating 
MCTP-02-03 L. Everett
G. Kane
S. King
S. Rigolin
L. Wang 
Pati-Salam Models and Intersecting D Branes 
MCTP-02-04 Martin B. EinhornInstanton of Type IIB Supergravity in Ten Dimensions 
MCTP-02-05 H. Lu
J.F. Vazquez-Poritz 
Resolution of overlapping branes 
MCTP-02-06 Ioannis Giannakis
James Liu
Hai-cang Ren 
Angular Momentum Mixing in Crystalline Color Superconductivity 
MCTP-02-07 Gordon L. Kane
Lian-Tao Wang
Ting T. Wang 
Supersymmetry and the Cosmic Ray Positron Excess 
MCTP-02-08 Gordon L. Kane TASI LECTURES: Weak Scale Supersymmetry - A Top-Motivated-Bottom-Up Approach 
MCTP-02-09F. Larsen
J.P. van der Schaar
R.G. Leigh 
De Sitter Holography and the Cosmological Microwave Background 
MCTP-02-10 Philip A. Hughes
Mark A. Miller
G. Comer Duncan 
3D Hydrodynamic Simulations of Relativistic Extragalactic Jets 
MCTP-02-11 Leopoldo Pando Zayas
Jacob Sonnenschein 
Penrose Limits and Nonconformal Field Theories 
MCTP-02-12 H. Lu
J.F. Vazquez-Poritz 
S^1-wrapped D3-branes on Conifolds 
MCTP-02-13 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu, C.N. Pope 
Almost special Holonomy in Type IIA&M Theory 
MCTP-02-14 Matthew Lewis and Katherine Freese A Wavelet Analysis of Solar Climate Forcing: I) Solar Cycle 
MCTP-02-15 M. Cvetic, H. Lu and C.N. Pope Penrose Limit, PP-waves and Deformed M2-branes 
MCTP-02-16 Marcela Carena
David Gerdes
Howard Haber
Andre Turcot
Peter Zerwas 
Executive Summary of the Snowmass 2001 Working Group P1: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking 
MCTP-02-17 L.D. Paniak
R.J. Szabo 
Instanton Expansion of Noncommutative Gauge Theory in Two Dimensions 
MCTP-02-18 M. Cvetic
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Supernumerary Supersymmetries, PP-Waves and Penrose Limits 
MCTP-02-19H. Lu
J.F. Vazquez-Poritz 
Penrose Limits of Non-standard Brane Intersections 

MCTP-02-20 Z.W. Chong
M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope
P. Wagner  
General Metrics of G_2 Holonomy and Contraction Limits 
MCTP-02-21 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Diana Vaman 
Comments on Penrose Limits of AdS^5 x T^{1,1}and Supersymmetry 
MCTP-02-22 H. Lu New G_2 Metric, D6-branes and Lattice Universe 
MCTP-02-23 Martin B. Einhorn
Jose Wudka 
On the Vafa-Witten Theorem on Spontaneous Breaking of Parity 
MCTP-02-24Katherine Freese
WIll Kinney 
The Ultimate Fate of Life in an Accelerating Universe 
MCTP-02-25 Steven Abel
Katherine Freese
Ian Kogan 
Hagedorn Inflation: Open Strings attached to Branes can drive Inflation 
MCTP-02-26 Eric Gimon
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
J. Sonnenschein 
RG flows and Penrose Limits 
MCTP-02-27 M. J. Duff MCTP Annual Report 2001-2002 
MCTP-02-28 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Bianchi IX Self-dual Einstein Metrics and Singular G_2 Manifolds 
MCTP-02-29 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Bianchi IX Self-dual Einstein Metrics and Singular G_2 Manifolds 
MCTP-02-30 Thomas Dent
Joaquim Silva-Marcos (CFIF/IST, Lisbon) 
A realistic formulation of approximate CP 
MCTP-02-31 P.R. Berman
M. Ducloy
D. Bloch
 Free precession decay in selective reflection
MCTP-02-32C.P. Search
P.R. Berman 
Recoil-inducedresonances in ground-state, pump-probe spectroscopy 
MCTP-02-33 C.P. Search
A.G. Rojo
P.R. Berman 
Ground state and quasiparticle spectrum of a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate 
MCTP-02-34 B. Dubetsky
P.R. Berman 
Spectrum of light scattering from an extended wave packet 
MCTP-02-35 C.P. Search
P.R. Berman 
Transferring the atom statistics of a Bose-Einstein condensate to an optical field 
MCTP-02-36 B. Dubetsky
P.R. Berman 
Asymptotic atomic gratings produced by a large angle beam splitter 
MCTP-02-37 B. Dubetsky
P.R. Berman 
lambda/4, lambda/8, and higher order atom gratings via Raman transitions
MCTP-02-38 V. Malinovsky
P.R. Berman 
Momentum transfer using chirped standing wave fields: Bragg scattering 
MCTP-02-39 M.J. Duff
James T. Liu
H. Sati 
Complementarity of the Maldacena and Karch-Randall Pictures 
J. Lykken
Brent Nelson
Lian-Tao Wang 
Re-examination of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Implications for Light superpartners 
MCTP-02-41 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Diana Vaman 
Hagedorn Behavior of Strings in Pp-wave 
MCTP-02-42 S. Baek
P. Ko
W.Y. Song 
SUSY breaking mediation mechanisms and $(g-2)_{\mu}$, $B\rightarrow X_s \gamma$, ~$B \rightarrow X_{s} l^+ l^-$ and $B_s \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-$ 
MCTP-02-43 M. J. Duff Comment on time-varying fundamental constants 
MCTP-02-44Thomas Dent Modular symmetry, twisted sector and flavour 
MCTP-02-45 E. Gimon
L.A. Pando Zayas
J. Sonnenschein
M.J. Strassler 
A string theory of Hadrons via a Penrose Limit 
MCTP-02-46 G. L. Kane
J. Lykken
S. Mrenna
B. D. Nelson
L.-T. Wang
T. T. Wang 
Theory-Motivated Benchmark Models and Superpartners at the Tevatron 
MCTP-02-47 Martin B. Einhorn
Finn Larsen 
Interacting Quantum Field Theory in de~Sitter Vacua 
MCTP-02-48 Stephen P. Martin
James D. Wells 
Super-conservative interpretation of muon g-2 results applied to supersymmetry 
MCTP-02-49John Cardy
Robert Ziff 
Exact results for the universal area distribution of clusters in percolation, Ising and Potts models 
MCTP-02-50 Paolo Gondolo
Katherine Freese 
Dark Energy as Interacting Dark Matter with Negative Pressure 
MCTP-02-51 Jarah Evslin
Hisham Sati 
SUSY vs E8 Gauge Theory in 11 Dimensions 
MCTP-02-52 Donald Marolf
Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas 
On the Singularity Structure and the Stability of Plane Waves 
MCTP-02-53 Andreas Birkedal-Hansen
Brent D. Nelson 
Relic Neutralino Densities and Detection Rates with Nonuniversal Gaugino Masses 
MCTP-02-54 Charles R. Doering
Carl Mueller
Peter Smereka 
Interacting particles, the stochastic Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piscunov equation, and duality 
MCTP-02-55 J. D. Gibbon
Charles R. Doering 
Intermittency in the Navier-Stokes equations 
MCTP-02-56 James T. Liu Braneworlds and Large Extra Dimensions 
MCTP-02-57 Brent D. Nelson Anomaly Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking From a String Theory Perspective 
MCTP-02-58 P. Ko
G. Kramer
Jae-hyeon Park 
Large B0-B0 bar mixing, B -> J/psi K_s and B -> X_d gamma in general MSSM 
MCTP-02-59 Alex Buchel Gauge/string correspondence in curved space 
MCTP-02-60 Katherine Freese
Matthew Lewis
Jan Pieter van der Schaar
Observational Tests of Open Strings in Braneworld Scenarios 
MCTP-02-61 M.J. Duff
James T. Liu
H. Sati 
Quantum discontinuity for massive spin 3/2 with a Lambda term 
MCTP-02-62 Ioannis Giannakis
James T. Liu
Hai-cang Ren
Linearized gravity in the Karch-Randall braneworld 
MCTP-02-63 M. Carena
J. Ellis
S. Mrenna
A. Pilaftsis
C.E.M. Wagner 
Collider Probes of the MSSM Higgs Sector with Explicit CP Violation 
MCTP-02-64James T. Liu
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
The Radion Mode in Consistent Brane-World Reductions 
MCTP-02-65 G.L.Kane
P. Ko
C. Kolda
Jae-Hyeon Park
Haibin Wang
Lian-Tao Wang 
$B_d \rightarrow \phi K_s$ and supersymmetry 
MCTP-02-66 R. Akhoury
H. Wang
O. Yakovlev 
On the Resummation of Large QCD Corrections to $\gamma \gamma \to b \bar{b}$ 
MCTP-02-68 Paul S. Aspinwall
R. Paul Horja
Robert L. Karp 
Massless D-Branes on Calabi-Yau Threefolds and Monodromy 
MCTP-02-69 A. Batrachenko
M. J. Duff
J. X. Lu 
The membrane at the end of the (de Sitter) universe 
MCTP-02-70 F. Larsen
A. Naqvi
S. Terashima 
Rolling Tachyons and Decaying Branes 
MCTP-02-71 Martin B. Einhorn Instantons and SL(2,R) Symmetry in Type IIB Supergravity 
MCTP-02-72 Kazuhiro Tobe
James D. Wells 
Revisiting Top-Bottom-Tau Yukawa Unification in Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories 
MCTP-02-73 Bialek, J.J.
Evrard, A.E.
Mohr, J.J 
A Cold Front in a Preheated Galaxy Cluster