Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title 
MCTP-01-01 J. X. Lu (1 + p)-Dimensional Open D(p - 2) Brane Theories 
MCTP-01-02 Lisa Everett
Gordon L. Kane
Stefano Rigolin
Lian-Tao Wang 
Implications of Muon g - 2 for Supersymmetry and for Discovering Superpartners at Fermilab 
MCTP-01-03 Gerald Paul
Robert M. Ziff
H. Eugene Stanley 
Percolation threshold, Fisher exponent, and shortest path exponent in 4 and 5 dimensions 
MCTP-01-04 M. E. J. Newman
Robert M. Ziff 
A fast Monte Carlo algorithm for site or bond percolation 
MCTP-01-05 Christian D. Lorenz
Robert M. Ziff 
Excess number of percolation clusters on the surface of a sphere 
MCTP-01-06 F.A. Dilkes
M.J. Duff
James T. Liu
H. Sati 
Quantum M -> 0 discontinuity for massive gravity with a Lambda term 
MCTP-01-07 A. Buchel
C.P. Herzog
I.R. Klebanov
L.A. Pando Zayas
A.A. Tseytlin 
Non-Extremal Gravity Duals For Fractional D3-Branes On The Conifold 
MCTP-01-08 J.P. Krisch
E.N. Glass 
Critical Exponents For Schwarzschild-Kerr and BTZ Systems 
MCTP-01-09 M.F. Laguna
C.A. Balseiro
D. Dominguez
Franco Nori 
Vortex structure and dynamics in kagome and triangular pinning potentials 
MCTP-01-10 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Hyper-Kahler Calabi Metrics, L^2 Harmonic Forms, Resolved M2-branes and AdS_4/CFT_3 Correspondence 
MCTP-01-11 Philip E. Hardee
Philip A. Hughes
Alexander Rosen
Enrique A. Gomez  
Relativistic Jet Response to Precession and Wave-Wave Interactions 
MCTP-01-12 Martin B. Einhorn
Jose Wudka 
Model Independent Analysis of $g_\mu - 2$ 
MCTP-01-13 J. Granot
M. Miller
T. Piran
W.-M. Suen
P. A. Hughes 
Light Curves from an Expanding Relativistic Jet 
MCTP-01-14 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
New Complete Non-compact Spin(7) Manifolds 
MCTP-01-15 J.P. Krisch
E.N. Glass 
Dimension in a Radiative Stellar Atmosphere 
MCTP-01-16 Daniel J. H. Chung
Patrick Crotty
Edward W. Kolb
Antonio Riotto 
On the gravitational production of superheavy dark matter 
MCTP-01-17 Michael F. Bruist
Eric Myers 
Discrete and Continuous Mathematical Models of DNA Branch Migration 
MCTP-01-18 M. J. Duff
James T. Liu
H. Sati 
Quantum M^2 -> 2Lambda/3 discontinuity for massive gravity with a Lambda term 
MCTP-01-19 D. K. ParkHidden functional relation in Large-N Quark-Monopole System at finite temperature 

MCTP-01-20 Martin B. Einhorn
Jose Wudka 
Effective $\beta$-functions for Effective Field Theory 
MCTP-01-21M. Cvetic
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Massless 3-branes in M-theory 
MCTP-01-22 O.Yakovlev
S. Weinzierl 
Exclusive Amplitudes from Light Cone Sum Rules 
MCTP-01-23 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
New Cohomogeneity One Metrics With Spin(7) Holonomy 
MCTP-01-24 Sheldon, E.
McKay, T.
et al. 
Weak Lensing Measurements of 42 SDSS/RASS Galaxy Clusters 
MCTP-01-25 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope
M3-branes on a New Class of G_2 Manifolds and Universality of Pseudo-supersymmetry 
MCTP-01-26 Jan Pieter van der Schaar The Reduced Open Membrane Metric 
MCTP-01-27 M. J. Duff Director's Summary of the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics 
MCTP-01-28M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
James T. Liu
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
A New Fractional D2-brane, and T-duality 
MCTP-01-29 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Resolved Branes and M-theory on Special Holonomy Spaces 
MCTP-01-30 J. Q. You
Franco Nori 
Quantum computing with Josephson charge qubits in a quantum electrodynamic cavity 
MCTP-01-31 Katherine Freese
Paolo Gondolo 
On the Direct Detection of Extragalactic WIMPs 
MCTP-01-32Y. G. Miao
H. J. W. Muller-Kirsten
D. K. Park 
Constructing Doubly Self-Dual Chiral p-Form Actions in D=2(p+1) Spacetime Dimensions 
MCTP-01-33 Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas A Deformation of 3-Branes and its Gauge Theory Dual
MCTP-01-34 D. K. Park
Hungsoo Kim
Y. G. Miao
H. J. W. Muller-Kirsten 
Randall-Sundrum Scenario at Nonzero Temperature 
MCTP-01-35Edward N Glass A Conserved Bach Current 
MCTP-01-36 G.L. Kane
Lian-Tao Wang
James D. Wells 
Supersymmetry and the position excess in cosmic rays 
MCTP-01-37 T. Abe
M. Peskin
O. Yakovlev
et al 
Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 
MCTP-01-38 G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope
K.S. Stelle 
Supersymmetric domain walls from metrics of special holonomy 
MCTP-01-39M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Cohomogeneity One Manifolds of Spin(7) and G_2 Holonomy 
MCTP-01-40 Yukio Tomozawa Axisymmetric Galaxy Distribution and the Center of the Universe 
MCTP-01-41 D. K. Park Compromise of Localized Graviton with a Small Cosmological Constant in Randall-Sundrum Scenario 
MCTP-01-42G.L. Kane
Supersymmetric Inflation, Matter, and Dark Energy 
MCTP-01-43 Baltz
The Cosmic Ray Positron Excess and Neutralino Dark Matter 
MCTP-01-44 A. E. Evrard
T. J. MacFarland
H. M. P. Couchman
J. M. Colberg
N. Yoshida
S. D. M. White
A. R. Jenkins
C. S. Frenk
F. R. Pearce
G. Efstathiou
J. A. Peacock
P. A. Thomas
(The Virgo Consortium) 
Galaxy Clusters in Hubble Volume Simulations: Cosmological Constraints from Sky Survey Populations 
MCTP-01-45 M. J. Duff
L. B. Okun
G. Veneziano  
Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants 
MCTP-01-46 Roberto Vega
Jose Wudka 
Static neutrino properties in the presence of a large magnetic field 
MCTP-01-47 Thomas Dent Breaking CP and supersymmetry with orbifold moduli dynamics 
MCTP-01-48 James T. Liu
W.Y. Wen 
Exact multi-membrane solutions in AdS_7 
MCTP-01-49 Thomas Dent Baryogenesis with four-fermion operators in low-scale models 
MCTP-01-50 Thomas Dent On the modular invariance of mass eigenstates and CP violation 
MCTP-01-51 Eric Bergshoeff
Jan Pieter van der Schaar 
Reduction of open membrane moduli 
MCTP-01-52 D. K. Park
S. Tamaryan
H.J.W. Muller--Kirsten 
D2-branes with magnetic flux in the presence of RR fields 
MCTP-01-54 D. K. Park
Hungsoo Kim
S. Tamaryan 
Nonvanishing Cosmological Constant of Flat Universe in Brane-World Scenario 
MCTP-01-55 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Orientifolds and Slumps in G_2 and Spin(7) Metrics 
MCTP-01-56 Daniel Chung
Katherine Freese 
Lensed Density Perturbations in Braneworlds 
MCTP-01-58 S. Rigolin
L. Everett
G.L. Kane
Lian-Tao Wang
Ting T. Wang 
Alternative approach to $b-> s \gamma$ in the unconstrained MSSM 
MCTP-01-59 S. Rigolin  Update of Golden measurements at a Neutrino Factory 
MCTP-01-60 M. J. Duff The world in eleven dimensons: a tribute to Oskar Klein 
MCTP-01-61 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
M-theory Conifolds 
MCTP-01-62 J.P. Krisch
E.N. Glass 
Adding Twist to Anisotropic Fluids 
MCTP-01-63 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
A G_2 Unification of the Deformed and Resolved Conifolds 
MCTP-01-64 Daniel J.H. Chung
Thomas Dent 
Baryogenesis through higher dimensional operators and spacetime 
MCTP-01-65 Thomas Dent
Malcolm Fairbairn 
Time-varying coupling strengths, nuclear forces and unification 
MCTP-01-66 Colberg, J.M.
White, S.D.M.
Yoshida, N.
MacFarland, T.
Jenkins, A.
Frenk, C.S.
Pearce, F.R.
Evrard, A.E.
Couchman, H.M.P.
Efstathiou, G.
Peacock, J.
Thomas, P.A. 
Clustering of Galaxy Clusters in CDM Universes 
MCTP-01-67 Mathiesen, B.F.
Evrard, A.E. 
Four Measures of the Intracluster Medium Temperature and Their Relation to Dynamical State 
MCTP-01-68 Jenkins, A.
Frenk, C.S.
White, S.D.M.
Colberg, J.M.
Cole, S.
Evrard, A.E.
Yoshida, N. 
Mass Function of Dark Matter Halos 
MCTP-01-69 Hamana, T.
Yoshida, N.
Suto, Y.
Evrard, A.E. 
Clustering of Dark Matter Halos on the Light-cone: Scale-, Time- and Mass-dependence of the Halo Biasing in the Hubble Volume Simulations