Preprint NumberAuthor(s)Title 
MCTP-00-01M. J. Duff State of the Unification Address 
MCTP-00-02 M. Cvetic
M. J. Duff
James T. Liu
H. Lu
C. N. Pope
K. S. Stelle 
Randall-Sundrum Brane Tensions 
MCTP-00-03 G. D'Anna
Franco Nori 
Critical Dynamics of Burst Instabilities in the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect 
MCTP-00-04 Reichhardt
Wigner Crystal Dynamics 
MCTP-00-05 Olson
Effects of Columnar and Point Defects on Magnetic Hysteresis Curves Produced by 3-dimensional Vortices in Layered Superconductors 
MCTP-00-06 Y.-L. Lin
Franco Nori 
Feynman Path-Integral Analytical Studies of Quantum Interference for Superconducting Networks and Josephson Juncion Arrays in Magnetic Fields 
MCTP-00-07 Thomas Dent CP violation and target-space modular invariance 
MCTP-00-08 M. Cvetic
G.W. Gibbons
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Ricci-flat Metric, Harmonic Forms and Brane Resolutions 
MCTP-00-09 R. Akhoury
H. Wang, 
O. Yakovlev 
Higgs Boson Production in Photon-Photon Collisions 
MCTP-00-10 Oleg Yakovlev, Stefan Groote On t anti-t threshold and top quark mass definition 
MCTP-00-11 A. Akhoury
H. Wang
O. Yakovlev 
On large logarithms in Higgs->gamma gamma decay 
MCTP-00-12 C. Cattuto
G. Costantini
T. Guidi
F. Marchesoni 
Linear Strings in Solids
MCTP-00-13 Oleg Yakovlev On Higgs Production in photon photon Collisions 
MCTP-00-14Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas
Arkady A. Tseytlin 
3-Branes on Spaces with R x S^2 x S^3 Topology 
MCTP-00-15 R.-G. Cai
J. X. Lu
Y.-S. Wu 
The Galilean Nature of V-duality for Noncommutative Open String and Yang-Mills Theories 
MCTP-00-16 C. Cattuto
G. Costantini
T. Guidi
F. Marchesoni 
Driven Kinks in Discrete Chains: Phonon Radiation 
MCTP-00-17 R.G. Cai
J. X. Lu
N. Ohta
S. Roy
Y. S. Wu 
OM Theory and V-duality 
MCTP-00-18 M. Cvetic
G. W. Gibbons 
H. Lu
C.N. Pope 
Supersymmetric Non-singular Fractional D2-branes and NS-NS 2-branes 
MCTP-00-19 C. Olson
C. Reichhardt, 
B. Janko
Franco Nori 
Collective Interaction-Driven Ratchet for Transporting Flux Quanta 

MCTP-00-20 S. Zaroubi
G. Squires
G. de Gasperis
A. Evrard
Y. Hoffman
J. Silk 
Deprojection Galaxy Cluster X-ray, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Temperature Decrement and Weak Lensing Mass Maps
MCTP-00-21 John J. Bialek
August E. Evrard
Joseph J. Mohr 
Effects of Preheating on X-ray Scaling Relations in Galaxy Clusters 
MCTP-00-22 N. Yoshida
J. Colberg
S. D. M. White
A. E. Evrard
T. J. MacFarland
H. M. P. Couchman
A. Jenkins
C. S. Frenk
F. R. Pearce
G. Efstathiou
J. A. Peacock
P. A. Thomas 
Simulations of Deep Pencil-Beam Redshift Surveys 
MCTP-00-23 G. Mark Voit
August E. Evrard
Greg L. Bryan 
Confusion of Diffuse Objects in the X-ray Sky 
MCTP-00-24 Klaus Dolag
August Evrard
Matthias Bartelmann 
The temperature-mass relation in magnetized galaxy clusters