High Energy Theory Seminars

Winter 2019 Schedule

Seminars take place Fridays 3-4pm in West Hall Room #335

 1/18/19 Finn Larsen (UM)A nAttractor Mechanism for nAdS(2)/nCFT(1) 
 1/25/19 Michael Baker (U Zurich) Dark Matter Production: Finite Temperature Effects in the Early Universe abstract
 2/1/19 Thomas Dumitrescu (UCLA) Seminar cancelled 
 2/8/19 Ben Safdi (UM) The Search for Axion Dark Matter  abstract
 2/15/19 Daniel Kabat (CUNY) Building bulk observables in AdS/CFT abstract
 ***2/21/19*** Neal Weiner (NYU) Please note this will be at noon on Thursday, in 3481 Randall Lab 
 3/1/19 No talk - Spring Break  
 3/8/19 Spring Break  
 3/15/19 Sean Tulin (York University) New directions in self-interacting dark matter, from astrophysics to the lattice abstract
 3/22/19 No Talk - Grad Recruitment  
 3/29/19 Jessie Shelton (UIUC) Dark Matter In and Out of Equilibrium abstract
 **4/5/19** Roberto Emparan (Barcelona)
**Noon ,in OK Room**
 Cosmic censorship violation and black hole collisions in higher dimensions abstract
 4/5/19 Sera Cremonini (Lehigh) Intertwined orders and fermions in holography abstract
 4/12/19 David Curtin (U Toronto) Cosmology and Astrophysics of the Twin Higgs abstract
 4/19/19 Huan-Hang Chi (Stanford) Graviton Bending in Quantum Gravity and Equivalence Principle at   Quantum Level abstract