Winter 2015

Winter 2015 Schedule

Seminars take place Fridays 3-4pm in West Hall Room #335

Date Speaker Title Links
 Jan 9Matthew Schwartz (Harvard)Do we know if our universe is stable?abstract
Jan 16Stefania Gori (Perimeter)The Higgs as a portal to New Physicsabstract
Jan 23Matthew Reece (Harvard)Searching for Supersymmetry, Natural or Notabstract
Jan 30Lydia Bieri (Michigan)The Memory Effect of Gravitational Waves in General Relativityabstract
Feb 6Itay Yavin (McMaster)Dark Matter as a New Particleabstract
Feb 13

Feb 20Ayres Freitas (Pittsburgh)Electroweak precision tests: present and futureabstract
Feb 27Jesse Thaler (MIT)What is Sudakov Safety?abstract
Mar 13

Mar 19

*John Ellis (CERN)*Future Circular Collidersabstract 
Mar 20John Donoghue (UMass)Infrared Quantum Gravityabstract
Mar 27
Great Lakes String Conference
Apr 3Xi Dong (Stanford)

Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFTabstract
Apr 7*Tim Nguyen (MSU)*
Special location 3481 Randall at 3 pm
How Accurate is Perturbation Theory? A Look at 2D Quantum Yang-Millsabstract
Apr 10Matt Von Hippel (Perimeter)

Computing the Six-Loop Divergence of 5D Planar N=4 Super Yang-Millsabstract
Apr 17

Apr 24

 Bob Wald (UChicago)Dynamic and Thermodynamic Stability of Black Holes and Black Branesabstract
June 1 David Stone (Rome)
**Mon June 1 at Noon, 3489 Randall**
Tales of the trace anomaly from six dimensionsabstract