Winter 2014

Organizers: James Wells and Leo Pando Zayas

Jan 10Keith Dienes (Arizona)Dynamical Dark Matter: A New Framework for Dark-Matter Physics
Jan 17Philip Argyres (Cincinnati)Classifying 4-d N=2 Superconformal Field Theories
Jan 24
Peter Fierlinger (Munich)Slow neutrons and the early Universe 

Jan 31Alex Friedland (Los Alamos)Stellar particle physics: neutrinos, axions, and massive stars
Feb 7Adam Martin (Notre Dame)Dirac-Split supersymmetry
Feb 14Tongyan Lin (Chicago)
Searching for Dark Matter at the LHCAbstract
Feb 21Tony Gherghetta (Minnesota)
The Higgs Boson and NaturalnessAbstract
Feb 27Ira Rothstein (Carnegie Mellon)Precision Predictions for the Higgs Transverse Momentum Distribution Abstract
Mar 21Shamit Kachru (Stanford)Moonshine in string theoryAbstract 
Mar 28Frank Petriello (Northwestern)Higgs physics at the LHC Run IIAbstract
Apr 4Al Shapere (Kentucky)Quantization of Time CrystalsAbstract
Apr 11David Kutasov
Exceptional N=1 dualityAbstract
Apr 18 Simone Giombi (Princeton) One loop tests of higher spin AdS/CFTAbstract