Winter 2013

Organizers: James Wells and Leo Pando Zayas
 Date     Speaker Title Links
 Jan 11 Ibou Bah
 Mapping the Space of N=1 Superconformal Field Theories from M5-branes on Riemann Surfaces 
 Jan 18 Linda Carpenter
 Feb 1 Gordy Kane
 Explanation, update, and extension of compactified M/string theory prediction of the Higgs boson mass abstract
 Feb 8 Nausheen Shah
 Feb 15 Haibo Yu
 Hunting for Dark Matter 
 Feb 22 Ergin Sezgin
(Texas A&M)
 March 1 Matt Choptuik
 March 8 Spring BreakSpring Break  
 March 15 Sung-Sik Lee
 March 22 Per Kraus
 March 29 Louise Dolan
 The Twistor String and All Yang-Mills Tree Amplitudes 
 April 5 Simone Giombi
 April 12 Yuval Grossman
 April 19 Ami Katz