Winter 2008

 DateSpeaker Title 
 Jan 4 Liantao Wang
 Discovering and Understanding New Physics at the LHC
 Jan 11 LHC Workshop
 Jan 18 Michele Papucci
 Flavorful New Physics at the LHC
 Jan 25 Michael Ramsey-Musolf
 Baryogenesis, EDMs and Higgs Phenomenology
 Feb 1 Seminar Cancelled 
 Feb 8 Alex Buchel
(Western Ontario, Perimeter)

Kathryn Zurek
 Boost invariant plasma in AdS/CFT

Peaks and Valleys: searching for low mass hidden sectors at the LHC and in Cosmology
 Feb 15 David Shih
 Phenomenology of (Extra)Ordinary Gauge Mediation
 Feb 22 TBA 
 Feb 29 No Seminar- Spring Break 
 March 7 Hong Liu
 A prediction from string theory, with strings attached.
 March 14 Mirjam Cvetic
 March 21 Joan Simon
 Coarse-graining and typicality in the Ads/CFT correspondence
 March 28 David Berenstein
 A strong coupling expansion for N=4 SYM and other SCFT's
 April 4 TBA 
 April 11 Alberto Nicholis
 The sudden transition to eternal inflation