Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Schedule

Seminars take place Fridays 3-4pm in West Hall Room #335

 9/15/17 Raymond Co (U-M) A New Solution to the Gravitino Problem:Suppressed Production by Sgoldstino Dynamics abstract
 9/22/17No talk this week
 9/29/17Walter Goldberger (Yale)Gravitational radiation from classical QCD
 10/6/17 Tongyan Lin
 (UC Berkeley/UCSD)
 Exploring the low mass frontier in dark matter direct detectionabstract 
 10/13/17 No Talk 27th Midwest Gravity Meeting  
 10/20/17 Malte Buschmann (U-M) Heavy Resonance Hunting at the LHC abstract
 10/27/17 Marcus Spradlin (Brown) Landau Singularities and the Amplituhedron abstract
 11/3/17 Tomer Volansky (Tel Aviv) New Directions in the Search for Dark Matter abstract
 11/10/17 No talk  
 11/17/17 Matt Reece (Harvard) Cosmology of a Fine-Tuned SUSY Higgs abstract
 11/24/17 No Talk - Thanksgiving  
 12/1/17 Mukund Rangamani (UC Davis) Thermal equivariance and its applications abstract
 12/8/17 Jure Zupan (Cincinnati) Effective field theories for dark matter direct detection abstract