Being flat with no symmetries

The AdS/CFT correspondence is applied to a close analogue of the little hierarchy problem in AdS_{d+1} with d>2. The new mechanism requires a Maxwell gauge field that gauges U(1)_R symmetry in a bulk supergravity theory with a negative cosmological constant. Supersymmetry is explicitly broken by a boundary term, and the SUSY breaking deformation engendered is exactly marginal. SUSY breaking effects are computed exactly using the U(1) Ward identity. Conformal dimensions and thus masses of scalar and spinor partners are split simply because they carry different R-charges. However SUSY breaking effects cancel to all orders for R-neutral .fields, even in diagrams with internal R-charged loops. SUSY breaking corrections can be explicitly calculated to all loop orders. Graviton loops do not introduce any further SUSY breaking corrections.