Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Schedule

Seminars take place Fridays 3-4pm in West Hall Room #335

 Date Speaker Title Links
 Sep 18 Stephen Naculich (Bowdoin)Scattering equations and the Cachazo-He-Yuan representation for massless (and massive) gauge-theory amplitudesabstract
 Sep 25

Yue Zhao (Michigan)Being flat with no symmetriesabstract 
 Oct 2

Bogdan Dobrescu (Fermilab)A W-prime boson of mass near 2 TeVabstract
***Oct 8

Nima Arkani-Hamed
***Location 340 West Hall At 12 Noon***
 Oct 16

David Kosower (IAS/Saclay)Cross-Order Relations from Maximal Unitarityabstract 
 Oct 23

David Poland (Yale)CFTs Old and New from the Bootstrapabstract
 Oct 30

Daniel Mayerson (Michigan)Exotic Branes and 3D Supergravityabstract
 Nov 6

Kurt Hinterbichler (Perimeter)Massive and partially massless gravityabstract
 Nov 13

Aron Wall (IAS)Frame Anomalies for the Entanglement in Chiral Theoriesabstract
 Nov 20

Gary Shiu (U Wisconsin)Fencing in the Swamplandabstract
 Nov 27 Thanksgiving

 Dec 4

Steve Martin (Northern Illinois)Dirac gauginos the hard wayabstract
 Dec 11

Sasha Zhiboedov (Harvard)Looking for a bulk pointabstract