Direct CP violation in D \to P+P-."

In this talk we briefly present a flavor-SU(3) technique to study branching
ratios and direct CP asymmetries of D-meson decays. The first part of the
talk is meant to set up a foundation, based on previous work, to deal with
flavor-SU(3) amplitudes and relative strong phases. In addition, we present
a model for dealing with SU(3)-breaking in branching ratio measurements of
SCS D0 decays. In the second part of the talk we make use of a proposal for an
enhanced CP-violating penguin in the SM, to explain the recent LHCb and CDF
observations of CP violation in SCS D0 decays. Furthermore, we use our model
to predict CP violation in π0π0 and K+K0 final states. Large experimental
bounds on individual CP asymmetries give rise to a large allowed range oδthe strong phase of the CP-violating penguin. We also briefly discuss future prospects.