Fall 2012

 Date    Speaker   Title Links
 Sept 7
 No Seminar  
 Sept 14Joel Giedt  Direct detection of dark matter and lattice QCD 
 Sept 21No Seminar due to Workshop  RG Flows, Entanglement and Holography Workshop 
 Sept 28Michele Pappuci 
 Confronting physics beyond the Standard Model with the LHC dataabstract
 Oct 5 Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya
(University of Montreal)
 Direct CP violation in D \to P+P-."abstract
 Oct 12   Tom Hartman
 Warped Conformal Field Theoryabstract
 Oct 19   Dam Thanh Son
 The geometry of the quantum Hall effect
 Oct 26Ayres Freitas  Top Partners at the LHC 
 Nov 2Yu-Tin Huang
 Mysteries in Three-Dimensional Scattering 
 Nov 9Malcolm Perry
(DAMTP, Cambridge) 
 Some Generalized Geometry and its Relation to M-theory 
 Nov 16Ofer Aharony
 Large N Chern-Simons-matter theories and three dimensional bosonization 
 Nov 23 No Seminar- Thanksgiving  
 Nov 30David Simmons-Duffin
 Carving Out the Space of Conformal Field Theoriesabstract
 Dec 7Aki Hashimoto
 Systematics of Supersymmetric Boundary Conditions in N=4 Yang-Mills Theoryabstract