Fall 2011

 DateSpeaker Title Links 
 Sept 9Thomas Flacke
 Constraints on UED mass spectra from Flavor Physics and Electroweak Precision Testsabstract
 Sept 16Sean Tulin
 Sept 23Mirjam Cvetic
Conformal Symmetry of General Rotating Black Holes 
 Sept 30Samir Mathur
(Ohio State) 
 Oct 7Quiros
(ICREA, Barcelona) 
 Non-Custodial Warped Models 
 Oct 14J. Thaler
 Oct 21Radja Boughezal
 All about the Higgs in gluon fusion 
 Oct 28M. Gutperle
 Black holes in higher spin gravity 
 Nov 4Patrick Meade
(YITP, Stony Brook) 
 The Status of Supersymmetry after 1/fb 
 Nov 11Amplitudes 2011   
 Nov 18Gil Paz
(Wayne State) 
 The charge radius of the proton, a 5 sigma discrepancy? 
 Nov 25 No Seminar- Thanksgiving  
 Dec 2C. Keeler
 Fluid-Gravity Duality at a Cutoff Surface 
 Dec 9Samir Mathur
(Ohio State)