Fall 2009

 DateSpeaker Title 
 Sept 11Andrew Frey
 Warped Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter: Surveying the Landscape
 Sept 18Dan Feldman
 Dark Matter and LHC Signatures of SUSY and Hidden Sector Extensions
Sept 25 No Seminar  
Oct 2Csaba Csaki
 Buried Higgs
Oct 9 Frederik Denef
 Black hole ringing, determinants and the de Haas - van Alphen effect
 Oct 16Marcus Luty
(UC Davis) 
 Minimal Conformal Technicolor
Oct 23 Albion Lawrence
 Looking behind the horizon with D-brane probes
Oct 30 Chris Herzog
 How to get a superconductor out of a black hole
Nov 6 Sakura Schaefer-Nameki
 Constraining F-theory model building
Nov 13 Jesse Shelton
 Chiral tops and bottoms at the LHC
Nov 20 Bodgan Dobrescu
 Uplifted supersymmetric Higgs sector
Nov 27 No Seminar- Thanksgiving  
Dec 4 Lisa Everett
 Phenomenological Implications of Deflected Mirage Mediation
Dec 11 TBA TBA