Fall 2007

 DateSpeaker Title
 Sept 7Arjun Menon
 Challenges for Higgs Boson Searches in the MSSM at Hadron Colliders
Sept 14 Thomas Flacke
 QCD axions from warped 5D models
Sept 21 Scott Watson
 Challenges for Early Universe Cosmology
Sept 28 Sumit Das
 Cosmological Singularities and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
Oct 5 Amjad Ashoorioon
 Fingerprints of M-theory in the CMB
Oct 12 Christian Bauer
 New Ideas for Event Generators
Oct 19 Tim Tait
 A Chiral Fourth Generation Meets Precision and Higgs Physics
Oct 26 Peter Graham
 Searching for Gravity Waves and New Physics with Atom Interferometry
Nov 2 Nemanja Kaloper
(UC Davis) 
 Charting the Landscape of Modified Gravity
Nov 9 Samir Mathur
(Ohio State) 
 Radiation from the black hole fuzzball
Nov 16 Patrick Fox
 LHC and Dark Matter Signals of Improved Naturalness
Nov 23 No Seminar- Thansgiving  
 Nov 30Ryuichiro Kitano  Sweet Spot Supersymmetry
Dec 7 Alex Mahoney
 Quantum Gravity in Three Dimensions