Brown Bag Seminars

Winter 2019 Schedule

Seminars take place on Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm in Randall Laboratory #3481

Date Speaker Title Links
 1/16/19Jack Collins (University of Maryland)CWoLa Hunting -- Mmachine Learning for model-agnostic bump hunts abstract
1/23/19Pranjal Nayak (U Kentucky at Lexington)Analytic approach to EIgenstate thermalization (ETH) in the SYK model and Schwarzian theory abstract
 1/30/19 Oren Slone (PCTS at Princeton)
Seminar cancelled due to weather conditions.
 Testing Models of Dark Matter and Modifications to Gravity using Local Milky Way Observables abstract
 2/6/19 Matthijs Hogervorst (Perimeter) Hamiltonian truncation and the S^3 partition function abstract
 2/13/19 Raffaele D'Agnolo (SLAC) Learning New Physics from a Machine  abstract
 2/20/19 Huajia Wang (KITP at UC Santa Barbara) energy condition, modular flow, and AdS/CFT abstract
 2/27/19 Jessica Turner (Fermilab) Searching for flavour symmetries: old data new tricks abstract
 3/6/19 No talk Spring Break  
 3/12/19 ** Special Seminar, Tuesday**
Martin Winkler (Stockholm)
 [Please note this talk will be on Tuesday at noon in 3481 Randall]
 Inflation and Supersymmetry Breaking in an M-theory Framework

 3/13/19 Temple He (UC Davis) Asymptotic Symmetries and the Soft Photon Theorem in Arbitrary Dimensions abstract
 3/20/19 Jeff Dror (UC Berkeley) Pulsar timing as a probe of primordial black holes and subhalos abstract
 3/27/19 Dalimil Mazac (Stony Brook)  Sphere packing and quantum gravity abstract
 4/3/19 No talk - LCTP Spring Symposium  
 4/10/19 Julio Parra-Martinez (UCLA) Gravity amplitudes from the ultraviolet abstract
 4/17/19 Pablo Fernandez de Salas (U Stockholm) Relic neutrino decoupling in standard and non-standard scenarios abstract
 5/1/19 Eric Perlmutter (Caltech) Finding String Theory from the Large N Bootstrap abstract