Brown Bag Seminars

Fall 2017 Schedule

Seminars take place on Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm in Randall Laboratory #3481
Organizer: Yue Zhao, John Golden

Date Speaker Title Links
9/13/17 Yu-Dai Tsai (Cornell) Respect the ELDER: New Thermal Target for Dark Matter Direct Detections and Going Beyond with Astrophysical Signatures abstract
9/20/17 Stefano Massai (UChicago) Worldsheet CFTs for microstate geometries abstract
9/27/17 Andrew J. Long (UChicago) Topics in Axion Cosmology abstract
 10/4/17  Alex Streicher (UCSB)  Operator Dynamics in Quantum Chaos: Part I - Internal Degrees of Freedom abstract 
 10/11/17  Gordon Semenoff (UBC) SOFT PHOTONS, SOFT GRAVITONS AND DECOHERENCE abstract
 10/18/17  No Talk (Fall Break)    
 10/25/17  Andrew Mcleod (Stanford)  Extended Steinmann Relations and Cosmic Galois Theory in Planar N = 4 abstract
 11/1/17  Nick Llewellyn Rodd (MIT)  Searching for Dark Matter in Distant Galaxies abstract 
 11/8/17  Robert  Lasenby  (Perimeter)  Searching for weakly-coupled particles: from stars to colliders abstract
 11/15/17  Talk cancelled this week    
 11/22/17  No Talk - Thanksgiving    
 11/29/17  Nirmal Raj (Notre Dame)  Dark Fires in the Sky: Model-Independent Dark Matter Detection via Kinetic Heating of Neutron Stars  abstract
 12/6/17  Cheng Peng (Brown)  From higher spins to generalized SYK models abstract