y-Unified GUTS: MSSM at Large tanb

I will talk about the consequences of gauge and third family Yukawa coupling unification for the LHC. In a recent work, we analyzed a Yukawa unified supersymmetric grand unified theory (GUT) with non-universal Higgs masses defined at the GUT scale. We performed a global fit using 11 observables, including the Higgs boson mass (arXiv:1212.0542). Gluinos should be visible at the LHC in the 14 TeV run but they cannot be described by the typical simplified models (arXiv1307.7723). I will also describe a complete three family model and discuss the quality of the global chi^2 fit to 35 observables. In addition, I will discuss work with a new set of boundary conditions that is consistent with Yukawa unification at the GUT scale (arXiv:1303.5125) and the viability of dark matter in these models (arXiv:1310.7579).