Winter 2011

Jan 26Joshua RudermanAsymmetric Dark Matter from Leptogenesis
Feb 3Nathaniel CraigAxion-Assisted Electroweak Baryogenesis
Feb 9Diego TrancanelliBlack holes from matrices
Feb 16Ben BurringtonClassical strings in AdS, Pohlmeyer reductions, and integrability
Feb 22Hong LiuHolographic Wilsonian renormalization group flow and the black hole membrane paradigm
Feb 23Tim CohenOn-shell constructibility of tree amplitudes in general field theories
Mar 9Pallab BasuString theory, Holography and Condensed matter systems
Mar 16Peter OuyangCascading Theories in Three Dimensions
Mar 23Thomas DumitrescuSupercurrents and Brane Currents in Diverse Dimensions
Mar 30James Gainer Matrix Element Method for Heavy Higgs Discovery and Analysis at 7 TeV 
Apr 6Yanwen Shang 1-loop diagram in AdS space and the random disorder problem 
Apr 13 Cliff Cheung Collider Probes of Dark Matter Genesis 
Apr 18 Alessandra Gnecchi Flow equations for AdS4 black holes in N=2 gauged supergravity 
Apr 20 Chiu Man Non-Static Extra Dimensions