Winter 2010

Jan 13Ling-Yan HungHolographic Quantum Liquids in 1+1D
Jan 27Matt BuckleyAstrophysical Constraints on Interacting Dark Matter
Feb 3Alberto FaraggiWilson Loops in Various Representations
Feb 10Daniel RobbinsGeneralized NSNS Fluxes and Attractors
Feb 24Lilia AnguelovaElectroweak Symmetry Breaking from Gauge/Gravity Duality
Mar 3Juan I. JottarExtremal black hole quasinormal modes and emergent criticality in (2+1)-dimensional QFTs at zero temperature
Mar 9Brian ShiehHolographic Effective Theories for Condensed Matter Physics
Mar 24Diego HofmanGeneralized Lifshitz-Kosevich scaling at quantum criticality from the holographic correspondence
Mar 31Linda CarpenterAxion Quality and Large Gauge Group Hidden Sectors
Apr 7Itay YavinSearching for exotic higgs decay at LEP2 
Apr 14Greg van Anders
Apr 21Sera CremoniniExtremal three-point correlators in Kerr/CFT