Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Schedule

Seminars take place on Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm in Randall Laboratory #3481
Organizer:  Raymond Co

Date Speaker Title Links
 9/12/18Josephine Suh  (Caltech)Statistical mechanics of a two-dimensional black holeabstract
 9/19/18 Katelin Schutz (Berkeley) Cosmological signatures of sub-MeV dark matter freeze-in abstract
 9/26/18 Uri Kol (NYU) Soft Gravitons and Hawking Radiation abstract
 10/3/18 Gustavo Tavares (Maryland) Detecting dark matter from Supernovae abstract
 10/10/18 Cody Long (Northeastern University) Lessons from the Landscape abstract
 10/17/18 No talk  
 10/24/17 David McKeen (TRIUMF) Neutrino-dark matter interactions abstract
 10/31/17 Sam McDermott (FNAL) Dark Matter and Fusion: Signals and Constraints from the Dark   and the Light abstract
 11/7/18 Eliot Hijano (UBC) Holographic Entanglement and BMS blocks in three dimensional flat space abstract
 11/14/18 Keisuke Harigaya (IAS) Higgs parity, strong CP problem and unification abstract
 11/21/18 *Special Seminar* Silviu Pufu (Princeton) M-theory and String Theory S-matrix From CFT 
 11/28/18 David McGady (Niels Bohr Institute) Path integrals, finite temperature, and lattices abstract
 12/05/18 Nikita Blinov (FNAL) Cosmology with Sub-MeV Thermal Relics abstract