Fall 2010

Sep 15David CurtinSUSY-Yukawa Sum Rule and MT2 Mass Measurements at the LHC
Sep 22Tommy LeviWhen Worlds Collide
Sep 29Andrew Liam FitzpatrickEffective Conformal Theory and the Flat-space Limit of AdS
Oct 6Ibrahima BahConsistent truncation of fermions in IIB and D=11 Supergravity
Oct 13Joshua L. DavisTwisted Inflation
Oct 27Alejandra CastroConformal symmetry and black holes
Nov 3Rouven EssigThe Search for New GeV-scale Forces
Nov 10David KrohnJets and jet-substructure at the LHC: New techniques and applications
Nov 17Kenji Kadotathe effects of the supersymmetric seesaw on the dark matter and collider signals
Dec 1David VeghStrange metals from holography 
Dec 8Brock TweedieJet Substructure and the Search for Neutral Spin-One Resonances in Electroweak Boson Channels
Dec 15Heng-Yu ChenWall-Crossing and Instantons in Compactified Gauge Theories