Fall 2009

Sept 9Rachel MaitraClimbing a Nonlinear Ladder Toward Quantum Gravity
Sept 23Geoffrey CompereThe extremal black hole / CFT correspondence
Sept 30Julian SonnerHolographic Superconductors and Quantum Critical Points in M-Theory
Oct 7Sophia DomokosPomeron Physics in Holographic QCD
Oct 14Tracy SlatyerDark Matter Annihilation, WMAP and Fermi
Oct 21David SkinnerThe Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes
Oct 28Daniel GreenHints of strong coupling in SUSY model building
Nov 4Mariangela LisantiDisentangling Dark Matter Dynamics
Nov 11Arjun BagchiThe non-relativistic limit of AdS/CFT
Nov 18Matt RobertsZero Temperature Limit of Holographic Superconductors 
Dec 2Bartlomiej CzechRG dynamics and quiver topology